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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Got My Birthday Gift !

But it wasn’t a Nexus.  I got to thinking about it and I couldn’t justify it. Besides, I can take the laptop when we travel if we need to stay in touch with family. 

I wanted something Mr. Fix-It and I could do together but, in our neck of the woods Bow season is starting. The guys targets set up in the yard…actually the shooting range runs right through the garden area. YIKES!  What an incentive for clean shots right?

  I’d been practicing with one of our sons old bows and decided even though I don’t hunt, a bow better suited for my frame would be a wonderful gift.  It’s fun, outside, & something we can do together.  (We used to love to target shoot here but, now that we are in city limits we can’t plink at home anymore & the gun range is about 10 miles away. To far for spur of the moment trips)

We chose a “Craze” Mission by Mathews.  Its adjustable from 20 to 70 lbs. so it can be adjusted as my skills develop.  My color choices were Camo, black or PINK Camo.

I figure there would be no mistaking “grabbing the wrong bow” by the guys this way.004

I love it and have had a blast this past week.  I’ll go out 2-3 times a day and shoot 6-9 arrows in a round, take a break and go back out later.  At 20 yards I’m keeping them within a palm width, at 30 within a hand span.

 Placing shots 

At this distance I’ve gotten to the point where I can”place the arrows” & I’d love to get good enough to participate in competitive shoots but, I know that takes some serious skills.

The bow does have a built in tutorial….if I’m holding it incorrectly, the bow string pops me in the arm and reminds me of the fundamentals!


As you can see I’m a slow learner! 

Since Friday I’ve popped myself 5 times. This is actually fading, you can see the green around the edges. A few days ago I started using an arm protector and haven’t been popped since.  I think just wearing it makes me aware of my grip. 

With the targets out, Isaiah has been shooting with us using his birthday present from last year…this is the photo he had me send to his uncle Aaron last week when he “not just hit the target” but placed it where he called it. He was one proud little man.

Isaiahs shots

He’s shooting from 10 yards with 7 lbs. of pull.  Now that we have his sights adjusted he’s doing much better & will have him at 15-20 yards this weekend……maybe. 



  1. Well Happy Birthday Katie! What a wonderful gift idea...and PINK too!!!! Soooo coool! When my son started bow hunting, his arm looked the same. I feel for ya girl but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do! Will you try hunting for deer with it this year? Have fun with your gift!

  2. Ouch! I recognize that kind of bruise. I get them still!!!!!! And I have shot bow for 27 yrs!!! Good shooting!!!!!

  3. Debbie, I don't think I'll hunt this year, I couldn't stand to sit still that long...besides they go in the woods at "0" God thirty...no way am I attempting to that. Now, if they come tromping through the field again this year one just may have my name on it LOL!

  4. Small Farm, thanks for popping in! I thought that was decent for a beginner and it's nice to hear it from one who has a few years experiance. other than family

  5. Now that's an unusual gift--I love it! Looks like lots of fun ahead. I used to shoot back in high school....I should take it back up again. Oh, there's already SO many things filling the day....

  6. Great gift Katie! Something you can use for hunting or protection.


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