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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Squirreling It Away


I was up early this morning watering in the garden when the sun came up.

If you lived here you would be laughing as I am so not. a. morning. person.  I may be up early but I usually need at least 30 minutes for my body to realize it’s upright and my brain to kick in.

The garden is on it’s last legs and although they were forecasting rain for the day the air had that hahahahaha rain smell.  The teasing smell that comes with overcast skies…..and that’s it. No rain.  So I was watering hoping Murphy’s law would kick in and we would get a soaker. When I was turning the water off just past sunrise I heard an awful racket behind the house and thud thud thud noises.  As I came through the patio to to see what was going on I heard a loud metallic bang …What the heck?!?!?

The squirrels we stealing my walnuts & fighting over them

.Sauce & walnuts 003 

They were were fighting up in the trees & the walnuts were dropping and hitting the wood pile and propane tank,  I laughed so hard watching their antics.

 Sauce & walnuts 006

There were about 10 of them stealing from each other, while knocking even more off the tree.  Made my mornings work easier.  I filled my bowl while they screeched and chattered at me like monkeys from the trees.

Sauce & walnuts 002

This is all I was able to gather today, the tree is still loaded so I’m hoping to have gathered more before I start hulling them.  A few years ago I’d gathered enough to half fill a pillowcase and would turn it every few days while they dried only to realize the squirrels had chewed a hole in the bottom and stolen over half that I’d gathered! 

I’m keeping a better eye out this year…those pesky wabbits squirrels!



  1. Oooh fresh walnuts! How lucky are you girl?! Make sure you hide them better this year..with that many squirrels fighting over them, you might just have a small army invading your home! LOL

  2. How nice of them to help you gather-LOL!

  3. Fresh walnuts ....... oh boy!!!!
    You better hurry up before the squirrels take them all :-)

  4. Right off hand, I'd say you have TOO MANY SQUIRRELS! Don't cha know they multiply about as fast as rabbits? I'm picturing the squirrel fight going on up in the tree and you running around underneath the tree collecting the falling walnuts as fast as you can. A lot goin' on for someone who is not a morning person!

  5. Katie my dog has never seen a squirrel and when we move back home ,we will have a bunch so this is going to be funny.he's never seen a rabbit either or a deer and where we are moving there will be so many lol.I like walnuts and pecans. I hope we have a few there.


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