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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

To Much Sun!

I had a hard time getting moving this morning.  I think I had a tad to much sun yesterday.  It was Isaiah’s last day of freedom before school started today and we played all day.

We spent the afternoon at The Falls Of the Ohio looking for and finding fossils, looking at rock formations and small water pools full of crawdads. We kept well hydrated but I forgot when you’re out on the rocks the temperature is 15-20 degrees warmer and… it was 97 when we started.  We were out on the main bed by the river for a few hours before I started getting the shakes and new it was past time to leave. But, he had a lot of   fun using the brochures to identify the various fossils imbedded in the rock…and then he remembered many of these same fossils are in the rocks of the patio”floor”

. Patio fossils 001 

One of the stones on the patio.

So when we got back to the house, he had to wander the patio finding and identifying even more while I drank water and stood in front of the fan.  I’m pretty sure he was just as excited with his patio finds as he was with the fossil beds!

This morning was catch up day &started with a “Gotta-do” list a mile long ..but I accomplished very little.

I didn’t wake up till 8am and felt like I’d been out drinking the night before! Not very good way to start the day that’s for sure as it was already 90.

My plan was to be up and in the garden early, the beans still need picked.  Yeah,  I’m pretty sure there are now a few past eating stage but I’ll save as seed for next year. .

I decided I’d just stay inside and catch up on household chores which I’ve fallen behind on (where are the cleaning fairies when you need them) and then remembered the feed bag stuffed to the brim of corn Larry brought home last night.

So much for the cool indoors!

More corn 002

Shucked, ready to be blanched, cut and frozen

I’m glad I was able to work in the shade and keep the boiling water heat outside

Can I tell you I love having those new steps, it made hauling loads of husks and cobs back to the compost bin a breeze.

Cooler temps are on the way for the weekend but in the mean time, Don’t forget to pace yourself in this heat





  1. Isaiah must of had a blast with searching for fossils and trying to identify them. It's so easy to get dehyrdated with this weather.

    Sometimes, MOM just needs a little break and enjoy sleeping in every now and then. Even if it's just for a little while.

    I love that your able to can outside and have the compost at your finger tips. Canning outside sure helps the cooling the house down. Don't work to hard, have a wonderful evening.

  2. Fossil hunting-what fun! But yea, you have to watch it in the heat. Kids seem to be able to handle it better, don't they?


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