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Friday, August 24, 2012

Small Harvest’s

The garden is doing pretty well. During the drought I tried to keep it watered which, if nothing else kept the plants alive. Now that we have been blessed with cooler weather and a few days of rain it’s taking off.  The growth I’m seeing now is what I would have anticipated a month ago.  But I’m seeing really weird stuff

Like this watermelon

It looks like a gourd! Those set during the drought are all shaped this way.  We’ve eaten one and it was fine, just shaped funny. 

Lack of water? 

I don’t know but it’s been entertaining to say the least. I’m hoping for enough for general eating and to try watermelon jelly this year. 

Garden picks andWIP'S 002

The tomato’s and peppers have been producing steadily.  I’ve been freezing or dehydrating the peppers but I'm thinking of trying my hand at canning some. But I don’t want picked peppers..cause I don’t have a peck.  The dehydrator is loaded now with more onion and peppers.  Hope the neighbors don’t mind the scent of onion because it’s plugged in out on the patio.

Garden picks andWIP'S 003

All summer the pumpkin have been covered with blooms, I mean covered.  But only 2 are growing and one spaghetti squash for the efforts.  I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s weather related.  I have 3 jack-o-lantern plants and 3 pie plants and 2 pumpkin growing?!?!?! Very discouraging to say the least.

Tonight we checked the cantaloupe I planted a month ago during our first heat break and it is doing wonderful.  Has about 8 melons started so there is hope yet!

Can you believe I’ve no zucchini? I bought one at the farmers market and know of no one with extra! That’s a first for sure!

Looks like another heat wave is on the way & I’ll have to turn the AC back on as 89% humidity is not easy to sleep in


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  1. Oh Katie, I just love, love, love that watermelon! LOL....sounds like the lack of water this year from the drought you have had. Keeping fingers crossed for you that the cooler weather and occasional rain will transform your garden into a larger harvest than anticipated!

  2. Sounds like a bit of a pollination problem with all flowers and no produce.
    I'm glad you got some good watermelon--I've always "forgotten" them when it comes planting time, and then I see people's harvests posts and say "rats--I forgot to do watermelon .....AGAIN!" LOL

  3. Two years ago I dehydrated 30 pounds of onions... The family has forbidden me to ever do it again... They complained for weeks after it was done that they could still smell it in their clothes.... LOL! Oh well you live and learn!

  4. I turn the AC on... Cap'n Chaos turns it off... SIGH

  5. Debbie, I sure hope sotoo, bet you are enjoying being home

  6. Sue, thanks, I was wondering about that, not may bee's out this year at all. THink I'll try it by hand...always feel like a perv when I do that!

  7. Yart, I did them last year & could smell them 1/4 mile away down the drive way!

  8. Mother, AC is back on..to hot to sleep otherwise


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