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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Productive Day & Lessons Learned

Whew, I don’t know about you but, I’m ready for a latte and a snack tonight

I started about 10 this morning working with the peaches (after coffee of course)  I started slipping peaches and fired up the canner outside.  By the time the water was ready I had pints ready to load.  I cranked the radio up and was able to have jars filled and ready to load almost as soon as a batch needed to be removed.

The last load,  I had 5 quart jars and 2 pints..realized after I’d loaded the jars I need more water and……grabbed the hose & slowly filled the canner.  (We had a storm front moving in and I needed to finish) But, apparently not slow enough as I ended up with 2 broken quart jars. Lessons learned the hard way seem to stick with me most.

I ended early afternoon with 26 pints and 5 quarts of peaches. 

We did get about a 10th of an inch of rain.  Not a lot but the storm that went around us was pretty nasty.  It was just enough for all the pumpkin to stand up pretty & they are calling for more rain tonight.  I can only hope!

After supper Larry came out with me tonight and we got the bean picked, We ended up filling a 5 gallon bucket.   Surprisingly enough,  they were “just” ready to be picked. There are a few I think are past eating but not as bad as I’d feared.  So, tomorrow will be another day canning the beans.  I’m wondering how well the pressure cooker will work on the outside burner. 

  My bushes are 3 years old and in sad pathetic shape.  They should be huge, lush and heavy producers by now. Between the squash and blackberries?  Yes those brown twigs are 3 of the 5 blueberry bushes.

Aug Canning andgarden 002 - Copy

They should be huge, lush and heavy producers by now. Between the squash and blackberries? Yes those brown twigs are 3 of the 5 blueberry bushes.

They are to close to the blackberries to amend the soil as much as they need and I know they wont survive the winter if left here.

So we’re moving them on the other side of the tomato’s into their own raised bed, where I

 Aug Canning andgarden 007

can prep and amend the soil as needed before we transplant them.

They may not survive the move but at least the soil will be prepped and ready for new bushes in the spring if they don’t.

Last night we built an 8X8 space set up and just starting to put the end board on and I realized we have 5 bushes not 4. Mild brain burp!  So tonight Larry added 4ft to making it 12 X 8.  We have great top soil & bales of peat moss ready to blend in.  A friend of mine has a bunch of pine trees & will happily let me offer some relief with her pine needle problem for mulching.  8-D

This is our 6th year gardening, and I start each season thinking “I’ve got this”!

And each successive year I find how just how much I’ve yet to learn



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  1. That's what keeps gardening so interesting--always something new to learn!

  2. Sorry to hear about the nasty lesson....such a bummer! I always use the outdoor burner for my canner and it works well but watch it closely! The temp will rise very quickly.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for the blueberries!


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