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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gardening Journaling

I’ve been reading quite a few blogs that mention gardening journals…but none really say what they write or, take note of.  Specific seeds used & germination rate?

Planting dates?

Do you do this?

Do you maintain a journal? 

Do they really help?  and what the heck do you keep track of?  I would honestly love some feedback on a way to organize a journal and what has been helpful to you…as there are  times this gardening novice rack her brain trying to remember when I amended this or that, when to do it again. 

I think it would be helpful for planning next springs garden, and I’d have the winter to set one up.

What works for you?


1 comment:

  1. A journal is a great place to keep track of when you planted what, and where, and how well it did. That's what I use my blog for--I have a side bar listing for planting dates....one for harvest dates (when the cukes started rolling in, etc) and I also write what I did or didn't like. It's hard to remember from day to day, let alone next year. It's just a great record. You could do this in a plain notebook, online on a blog, or get a really pretty, special book. The hardest part is just starting. Good luck!


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