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Monday, August 27, 2012

My Bucket List

Whole Wheat flour

Bread flour




I finally scored some buckets at Sam”s . 

Well, I should say my friend/sister Jess did for me.  She showed up at the house the other morning with the front 2 stacks of buckets and I was ready to do a happy dance…actually, I think I did a few hops and shuffling steps!

As it happened she was on her way back to Sam’s,,,did I want to ride along?  Well, a chance to share some time in good company, pick up a few bulk items I needed & to ride share? That was a no brainer!  And to make a great morning even better I scored more buckets

Buttons & Taters 002

Free buckets to repurpose from Sam’s…Now to get them all washed and filled as I’ve been tripping over bulk bags in my kitchen!

They’ve come in handy for compost trips with canning scraps & trimmings & picking beans. The small buckets don’t dump as easily as the large bowls I usually use and fit easily in the rows.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on my potato buckets as they have started browning off. One for some reason was further along in the withering process than the others & it was time to dump it.  On the way across the patio I glanced over and found that darn cat “setting on it”.  Thankfully I caught it just in time but, dumped the bucket just in case.

Buttons & Taters 003

I quickly checked the other 2 potato buckets & they were ok….. whew!To help protect them from an unwanted visitor, I used some of the scrap tile and put a bit of it on the top..

What a pathetic harvest!  This is it! I was so disappointed. I don’t know what I expected as they are only 5 gallon buckets but, I thought I’d at least have a meal or 2! I’m hoping the other 2 buckets will have been a bit more productive but I’m sure not holding my breath. Next year they will be planted in the garden! 

The green beans have continued to be heavy producers and the filled jars are starting to take over the shelves.  These will be so good added to soups and stews and venison roasts this winter.

Alix & shortalls 004

I don’t know of any thing much more rewarding & satisfying than jewel toned jars full of preserves cooling on the counter

It’s still dry as a bone out there. 

Some area’s of the garden have weeds I’ve been letting go.  They are proving some mulch in bare areas and those plants are doing much better than the cleared areas. I was worried about them “sealing the water” and moisture but it seems to be helping. I was really short of much materials this season and hope to be better prepared next year.  It seems like every year there is something that trips me up but generally the next I’m better prepared…..But then again, that’s life isn’t it? 

We live and hopefully learn.

Have a wonderful day



  1. I don't think there is ever enough mulch!!

  2. Katie,

    Hey we learn as we go each year.
    Congrats on the buckets, I've been visiting our Sams Club every couple of weeks to pickup buckets. In fact, I have a rapport with one of the bakers and he's loves to give them to me.
    I have two big commercial bags full of buckets to clean. I keep bags in my car just in case someone has food buckets I can get, this way I don't mess up my truck. We keep a stack of clean buckets in the garage for storage or use for any or everything. The buckets make great storage for rice, beans, oatmeal, pasta, flour, sugar ...... there are so many things you can pack or use the buckets for.

  3. Sue, I think we have a line on a tree trimmer to get the bark! I know it will be needing to winter over but I'm hoping it will be ready in the spring/early summer. That will help a LOT we have crab like grass that just runs and takes over everything. I need to just bite the bullet and put in raised beds

  4. Sandy, my list is growing as we speak! I think I'm going to try and use the squarish buckets mainly for food I think they will store easier. You are right...I've already plenty of uses for the others LOL!

  5. Lucky you scoring so many buckets! They come in handy for so many things. I am surprised at the harvest from your first potato plant in the bucket. I thought they would do better as well. Good to know for the future. It just wasn't a year to garden I guess. The beans look great though!

  6. Good idea about the buckets,I didn't know Sams would do that.We live within a 1/4 of a mile from a Sams,think I might go ask.I've been getting mine from Walmart they are 2. something for one.But the lids are not too tight.I've started our extra supply box with dried beans and such.

  7. Ann, I picked up even more now lol! Some don't seal the best but I use those for things that we use often KWIM? The others I taped shut with clear packing tape to try and help seal. They work for now!


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