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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Studio Space…It’s coming together

My shelf unit is done!  

Well, actually it’s been done but needed painted. 

  Larry built this unit based off of another I have in the kitchen for the crock pot and other larger appliances.  Aside from the trim on the face of the bins, all of the wool and materials used were salvaged from one project or another.  Years ago, when I worked at a local fabric store, they did a major remodel & tossed out a bunch of displays.  We hauled off as much as we could as it was super sturdy & good wood.  The top of this is from some of the last of the display wood. It weighs a ton and is sturdy enough to climb on (not that I’ll be doing any climbing) but it will probably out last me!

Our neighbor has a body shop and offered to give it a good paint job & we wanted to wait till he had the the paint booth free to do it. White car paint and 2 clear coats over the entire thing.

I don’t think I’ll be leaving any coffee cup stains on this one!

WIP & Fluffy Mail 006

The shelves above he took down from a unused bedroom in the basement. 

My next issue was what to do with the wire shelf rack I’d bought and the wall of bins…I was so overwhelmed with how to create use-able space I was ready to walk away for the evening.  Trying to gain more functional space Larry suggested a counter….so we decided to use the rolling bins as a base & create a counter top above them.  In my mind I’m figuring how long it will take me to save for counters and….Larry heads out to the garage. 

WIP & Fluffy Mail 001

  Simple frames stabilizing the counters over the bins

For a while this summer, the dealership rented a building for all the hail damage repairs to be done.  In the building there was quite a bit of odds and ends.  The owner was cleaning it up a bit and was tossing out these boards….which went against Mr. Fix-It’s grain (yes pun intended).  After looking at them he realized they were side rails to a bed frame 2 inches thick and 10 inches wide …he tossed them in the truck….to use someday.

WIP & Fluffy Mail 002

Placing the 4 support frames and leaving a space for the electrical outlet

We shifted the wire bins up on the counter giving me

WIP & Fluffy Mail 008


I’m pretty sure I know where most things are now, I’ve shifted stuff around trying to see what works best & I’m sure I’ll be moving things around a bit more before I’m satisfied.  Not all of the sewing tools and quilting tools are together, But right now I know where things are, I have floor space, I can reach the radio,(one of the kids old stereo’s) I can walk to the window as the floor is cleared of boxes! The room, or this side at least feels 10 times bigger.

I’ve already used the sewing table a few times to make skirts for dresses & started a Jelly Roll Quilt.  It was so nice having elbow room.

  WIP & Fluffy Mail 011

I’m planning on using the cubby spaces for customers wool and my planned projects.  Boy do I have a lot of plans!   I may need to scale back somewhere as there are only 24 hours in a day but, those bare walls are starting to drive me crazy..er

It’s not done but all in all I’m pretty happy with it & very happy we’ve been able to stick with repurposing what you have and free materials!

Now to work on the wool side of the room

Hope your having a productive day



  1. Wow Katie, it looks FANTASTIC! What a huge amount of storage space you have. I need so much more myself but am very limited with space.

  2. What a great space you have now.
    We always save anything that looks even a tiny bit like we can use it in the future. It's amazing how many things we can "shop" for in our barn to do projects.

  3. Debbie, It's coming together, placing the wire bins on top really helped. You do realize you have me hooked on Jelly quilts now! Did you notice the 3 on top the wire shelves?

  4. Sue, The years of stashing really pay off. We're constantly using "saved/found" lumber for one project or another....nearly half the addition was reporposed lumber! Thanks for popping by, recovered from holiday yet?

  5. Bryndi, Thanks, It's been a long time coming and still a lot to do butit's useable space!!

  6. Katie,

    Your craft/sewing rooming is coming along beautifully. Just give it time and you will have everything arranged and in place where you want it.

  7. Love it! What a fabulous space you're going to have! Very envious of you :-)


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