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Friday, July 30, 2010

Harvest Time!

This is is starting to be a daily haul.  Tomato’s are so loaded the plants are starting to stress.  I’m pulling them when they are mid orange and ripening on the tables to help the plants.  We have pots of sauce going about every other day.

new knits  harvest 014 I think we have about 50 quarts of sauce put up so far & more to come. I wish I had kept track of the pounds as we have harvested.  This is my first year with the Roma’s and it sure wont be the last! Those things are producers! 

We’ve a pretty good system this past week.  I’d have the sauce ready and after supper Larry would lid jars as I filled them and he’d  load/unload the canner.  It’s funny the simple things you find you can’t do but, I’m very blessed to have a husband that doesn’t hesitate to jump in without asking.  I had intended on freezing the sauce until I could lift and twist. ( Canners, you know what I mean!)  But, he said well, I can do that! 

We had our first jar break ever in the canner.  He was lifting the jars out and said “well, we have a floater” 

OK, as a Mom a  “floater” in the bath popped in my head and well…it went down hill from there!Availiable Colors 003

The melons are going like gang busters.  I think we have 6-8 off the vine so far.  Saving seeds from this batch for sure as they have been great producers. sleepsack 006

These are heritage seeds I received from Kat.  I have plenty set aside and am willing to share…just shoot me a email! Same with the zuccs.

I was really disappointed in the onion harvest.  These were all little fingerings basically the same size but look at the difference in growth! Sweet, yellow and red..the largest was palm sized.  I just don’t know what I did wrong.

sleepsack 008

Wrong or not they are now dehydrated and in a pint jar waiting to be used!  I’ll have to check the farmers market for more to dehydrate while they are fresh.

  Zucchini’s are shredded and in the freezer and dehydrated…along with peppers.  That dehydrator is working like a charm and is proving to be everything the reviews and recommendations have touted!

These were all last weeks photos, the tomato’s have continued but I’ve been banned from the garden until today.  The day after surgery I felt soooo good…better than I had in weeks!

I “just wanted to check out the garden” and found I could pull weeds and it didn’t even hurt.  Well that must have been the meds talking as I paid for it 3 times over and I’m just now back to normal.  “OK, define “normal”!    

It’s been so crazy hot!!!!  Yesterday I picked tomato’s and my feet were wet from dew in the shade…..and it was 2 pm and 93 degrees!  That’s crazy humidity!  So, I haven’t really minded being stuck at a slower pace.

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  1. Wow!! I am so jealous!!

  2. I'm not sure if this is typical of Roma's or the pruning! I did the newspaper covered in grass clipping mulch and it sure helped retain the moisture!

  3. Omigosh, I totally missed your blog post about your gall bladder surgery! (Blame it on the hot, humid weather, preserving madness and I-don't-know-what-else.) At any rate, so sorry to hear what you've been through. Not that there's any good time for a thing like that to happen, but in the middle of garden canning season?!

    But it sounds like you've just proven that you can't keep a good woman down! Lots goin' on at your house.

  4. well, first of all, Good Job, Katie!!! We are just starting here, I've just started with Zesty Zucchini Relish and Sweet Pickles, my tomatoes are way off yet, still tiny and green on the plants, but we are in Eastern Ontario, so things come along much later than yours. Come september, it will be tomatoes all month, we planted 40 plants!!! (we must be insane)

    I want to dehydrate some zucchini, how do you do it, just sliced?? and about how thick do you slice it for best results?
    I am using an American Harvester dehydrator, do you think that's right for the job?

    anyway, take some time to recover

  5. Lucky you's! Hope you are feeling better!

  6. Fantastic harvest - Im liking the sound of your dehydrator, im still blanching and freezing my courgettes. Those tomatoes look delicious!

  7. Wow. Can you come over and help me out when I start bombarding myself with bushels of things from the fruit stand? I haven't done squat this year so far (save for my dozen batches of strawberry jam). It's usually not even that humid here, either - more a dry heat. :D


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