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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Electric Meter is Spinning!

OK, that’s It,   Time for a cup of coffee!

The zucchini plants that were only blooming took off like crazy.  I’d checked the plants on  Thursday and this is what we (Larry) found on Monday

Pam 011 That’s a 4 person table they’re on..Those suckers took off! A bit to big so I’m dehydrating them….or trying to.

Speaking of dehydrating, I learned a few things this past week……

I had a good score of fresh celery and dehydrated a few bunches.  Checking it after an hour or so I was totally grossed out.  Celery partially dehydrated looks like big fat juicy tomato worms!  I was gagging.  A few I can handle but 4 trays YUCK!  They were even a bit squishy….ANYWAY!

Zucchini is pretty good dehydrated.  What I’ve done is plain & I’m going to try more seasoned.

I have a crappy dehydrator, $10.00 at a yard-sale along with a table and chairs I guess I can’t complain (but, I can whine )Right?  It took 2.5 days to dehydrate 1 zucchini & 4 hours for 2 sprigs of basil, potato’s 2  days. At this rate it will be Christmas before I get to the last zucchini  & I swear I could hear the electric meter spinning!

So, yesterday I ordered a Excalibur 3900.  I’m so excited!  I purchased it through the manufacturer with free shipping.  I received the Fed Ex shipping notice this afternoon!!!!!

Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated!



  1. I would have just shred it up and made zucchini bread or put it into bags and add into spaghetti sauce. But i'm lazy like that...

  2. Paige, 2 have been shredded and those are what is left with more to come. I like the idea of adding it to the sauce, thank you!

  3. Good to know about the celery - that's on my dehydrating list this year to have on hand for soups and such. ;)

    The Excalibur... only thing I would've suggested is getting the solid fruit leather trays when you ordered it. I only have the regular grid on my Excalibur, so I can't dry super small stuff like basil leaves and thyme and tiny diced carrots and such. But I also have a Nesco Gardenmaster that has both the fruit leather tray and small grid tray in addition to the spoke deal, so I've got options.

    I tried drying shredded zukes last year (scooping out the giant seeds first), but they burn really, really easy if you're not paying attention (as do peas, who knew?). Maybe that's just me and my issues, but still.

  4. Lanna, Thank you for the info. The extra trays were beyond my budget right now but, I do have the small one for herbs. The zuccs I sliced thinly as chips..(I should post a photo) Thank you for the info I really appreciate it.

  5. Another good way to dry zucc's is to cut them thin like you have been doing and then season them before drying with your favorite salt mix. I like to use Tony's Cajun Seasoning on mine. Makes a great snack chip!


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