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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If I don’t see another Plum until next year

It’s fine with me!  A friend invited us to come pick plums off his tree as they don’t use them….imagine that!

Free fruit?  Call me a fruit fly!

We went last night and took care of his “plum problem”  Erika, Isaiah & I made quick work of it.  The storms the night before had knocked them all down.  So it was quick and easy …we just needed to clean the squished rotten plums off the bottom of our sandals after words. 

This is the last of the harvest, a bit more than 5 gallons.

Maters & plums 004 The sad part is only one other couple picks them.  This is about 1/100th of what was spoiled on the ground.Jam 004So this afternoon I stayed inside and started squishing plums …….about the size of my thumb.

Jam 003 

and canning jam.

Yes that is the zucc’s still dehydrating in the background..and a stray dryer ball. computer, shopping bag, knitting needles,  extra lids….I need to clean the table off.

Jam 005

Free fruit = 43 pints of Plum Jam.

Guess what will become Christmas Gifts….

for those who returned last years jars!


  1. I can't imagine leaving all that fruit to rot! Our plum tree is looking very promising this year. Lots of fruit, a few more weeks to ripeness...

    Have a wonderful day

  2. Such a waste. Glad you were able to get some.

  3. Oh, I am a fruit fly too! The thought of the waste keeps me picking and picking and then I wonder what the HECK am I gonna do with it all?? And then exhaustion from trying to DO something with it all. You go girl! I will be right there with ya!

  4. Oh gosh! That is a lot of plums! A blessing, and a curse!

  5. When we had access to plums, I used to can them in a light syrup. They then made a nice, simple dessert in a dish but I used a lot of them in Plum Kuchen during the winter months. Jam sounds great, too!


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