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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nice & Lazy Morning

2 bowls of tomato’s harvested yesterday.  I’m becoming a bit tired of canning tomato’s but know we will really enjoy using them these next few months in soups, stews and on pasta’sFruit & more maters 009 Another 14 quarts and 5 more pints cooling on the table

Fruit & more maters 011

Just to get out of the house I went for a drive yesterday & found a “new to me” road side market.  Her tomato’s were $1.00 each! I maybe in the wrong business! I did purchase 3 lbs of onions,  half yellow and half red to dehydrate for $2.00.  The local grocery had 1 lb of either type for $3.99 this morning!Fruit & more maters 013

I also picked up more peaches.  $10.00 for 1/2 a bushel.  Again less than half the price at our local grocery.  These will be halved and sliced for canning this afternoon.

Apple sauce and peaches I need to have a good stock of as they seem to be Isaiah & Mr.Fix-It’s favorite evening snack in the winter…that is unless there is pie or ice cream in the house!

It’s a beautiful morning, a nice breeze to keep the humidity down so far & mid 70’s.  Coolest its been all month!  I guess I can’t say that as its a new month but it the nicest morning in a month anyway.  I’ve been enjoying my coffee outside pulling weeds here and there in the neglected flowerbeds.   Larry is gone for the morning helping a friend so I’m in no rush to do anything with purpose

I think I’ve decided on a permanent area for an herb garden.  This year I have them all in pots and they have done “OK” but,  know they could do so much better in the ground not pots.

Well, the day’s a wasting so I need to get busy, more zucchini to shred and freeze…maybe even a peach pie for desert!

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi thanks for stopping by my new blog! I canned potatoes for the first time this year and I love them! All I did was dig up my taters, wash and peel them and cut them into dices, but you just cut them any way you want them (sliced, halved or whole)
    I boiled them for ten minutes and then drained them and put them in quart jars with one teaspoon of salt, poured boiling water over them and put my lids and rings on and into the pressure canner. You'll have to look it up in the blue book. I lent mine to the neighbor... but I'm pretty sure it's 30minutes at 10pounds of pressure. That's it. I used two quarts the other night and they were so tasty. I just roasted them with a little seasoning for dinner. But they were just as good cold out of the jar! I won't let potatoes go bad in the pantry again!

  2. Wow, I just saw your price for peaches. Here they are $15-18 for a 1/2 bushel! And $1 for a tomato? That sounds like the price around here last year when everyones tomatoes got the blight!
    Happy canning and planting. I really want an herb garden too... I'll just add that to the list!

  3. Thanks! If I have to buy potato's it's always a LARGE bag for the price break...and we always loose a few. This will be a wonderful time & $ saver...soups stews


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