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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Wave!

Whew!   Has it been HOT!!


2 weeks, no rain and steady 90+ temps.  I’m beginning to feel like  I’m living in the garden with  a hose.

To make things even more interesting  our A/C went out Thursday night.  I was up late knitting and heard the AC kick on for a second or 2 then shut off.

I thought well, maybe I’m having a “power surge” and it is cool enough.  The next morning I’d forgotten and spent most of the day out side.  I had a great system, I’d weed for a bit & hop in the pool, weed for a bit and hop back in.  I never noticed the house wasn’t cooling.  Friday night it was so stick hot (85% humidity) I assumed that was the problem…until we realized the AC wasn’t staying on.  After a few hours of work Mr. Fix it deemed a part was needed…and we’d have to wait till the holiday weekend was over.  I’d open the house up to capture the cool morning air and then close it up, pull the curtains, close closet doors& rooms not in use and turn on every fan we had.

We lived in bathing suits and in the pool every hour or so! The A/C guy came last night and we’re good to go!  We were his last stop of the day & that was at 7 pm.  His first call was at 7 am!

I could have kissed the man! 

It really wasn’t that bad (until the AC was back on) as I could always hop in the pool.

One good thing, the heat & sunshine is great for the tomato’s, by the end of the week I should have a bunch ready to put up. 

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  1. thank goodness for the pool. a last minute dip at night before bed is a great way to cool off.

  2. Whew! I think if you didn't have a pool...a kiddie pool from WalMart would have been on short order up! Can't wait to see your tomato crops!!!

  3. LOVE homegrown tomatoes! I'll bring my salt shaker and meet you in the patch! :o)

  4. Good thing you had the pool to help with the heat!

  5. Thank goodness for AC repairmen and pools!!

  6. Unseasonable 90 degree weather for the past three days. No AC and no pool. Been a bit miserable, but really, I am not going to complain, cause I have been living for the warmer weather:)


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