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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You Say tomato….

I say monster plants!  This rough looking plant is in a  cage and has 2 stakes…each over a foot in the ground.  It’s been tied up in 4-5 places and still is falling over.  These were taken Monday and with our heavy rains last night has gone down again.  I think its staying there this time.Rocks And K2s shorties 011 Rocks And K2s shorties 013  Rocks And K2s shorties 012

The Roma’s are starting to turn. Tonight I picked a full basket.  Not enough to make it worth firing up the canner so they’re going in the freezer till I have enough for a few loads to do at once.

  The grass and newspaper mulch has been a back  life saver.  There have been a few stray weeds popping through but not many at all. 

This bit is what I found laying on the ground after the storm.

Maters & plums 005

They can sun and finish ripening while the chair cushions & towels I forgot to bring in dry = D

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  1. Those tomatoes are huge!! I am jealous!!


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