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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweltering Heat

What a weekend!  It’s been so hot!  Mr Fix-It was out first thing in the morning working on the addition.  He was able to place 2 headers  and had to stop.  We’ve not made a lot of progress on the addition as we’ve had various commitments and the heat it just to much to work in.  The space is totally in-closed but not to the point we can move the outer door.  So, the heat and humidity just hangs in there & fans don’t provide much/enough relief.  After about an hour your so hot you can’t think straight.  By noon it was over 90 and we still had dew on the grass…. in the sun..That’s a lot of humidity!

The tomato’ plants have been really producing & I’ve been canning sauce just about every-other day.  The heat storms that have been blasting through knocked the tomato plants down again & I had a lot of tomato’s knocked off plants.  We were able to get the plant’s back up using strips of t-shirt to help support the weight.  The cotton cording was also cutting into the stems.  I think next year we’ll need to come up with a different support system as stakes and cages are just not strong enough.

Pam 032

Sun set after the last storm

And guess what came Saturday morning!  Tracking showed Friday deliver & I hung out all day waiting….Saturday I was cooking sauce and never even heard the delivery truckexc 003

I found it when I was heading out to the garden to weed.  So far I’m lovin it!  5lbs of zucchini dehydrated fits in a quart jar with room to spare. I have to say I’m impressed with it so far.  It’s quiet & has so much room.  I think were going to pull some tenderloin out of the freezer for some venison jerky this week.  Yum! Can’t wait.

Sunday we needed a sweet snack so I used a few overripe banana’s to make banana bread.  Not wanting to have the oven heat I used the bread maker & a “new to me” recipe.

exc 005

Instead of a heavy cake like loaf we’re used to, this loaf was light and airy more akin to sandwich bread.  Judging by the remnants I think it was a hit and will go on the “make it again” list!



  1. How bout trying some knee high nylons to tie them up? I don't think they would hurt the plant like a twine??? Just a thought...Good luck!!

  2. APGal, They woul dhave worked but I didn't have any. I've seen them used tho. Martha stewart cracked me up one year when she suggested purchasing "natural" colored stocking to use in the garden.

  3. I think just for spite then, we should all use FishNet stockings! Hey, nothing looks better than a sexy gardener!! HA!

    Is it even possible to look sexy in the garden? I just look like a sweaty hag :)

  4. Hey, were you at my house last night? Trust me, there was nothing sexy about me after working in the garden.
    Sweaty hag, indeed!!

  5. Mel, I hear ya! Every time I'm out pulling weeds I think of those wood cut outs that is just a rear end and legs...My poor neighbors eyes LOL!

  6. Has there been a resurgence in dehydrating food or am I just reading more blogs of those doing it? (I dried so many strawberries this year I'll probably never use them all up!)

    P.S. Not only do I not look good in the garden, but I usually don't smell like a rose either. ;o)


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