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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where did last Week Go?

I have vague memories of knitting and gardening…the days are getting so darn hot its early morning or late evenings for the garden.  I walked down to the mail box yesterday and was drenched at the half way point.  A stop in the shade of the garden felt good but then I saw a few few weeds, then a few more…. and by the time Larry came home 20 minutes later I was overheated and dizzy. I know better!  The heat index had us over 100 degrees with 92% humidity.  It would have been cooler if it had rained again

All the rain has been a major blessing for the garden though.  I’ll have tomato’s by the end of the week, everything else is blooming and fruiting out.  I have beans ready to pick but that will have to wait until its cooler tonight.    If the growth of the greens in my  my potato buckets are any indication of potato’s forming,  they will be a success! I’ve hilled them twice with room for once more, which I’ll do this afternoon.    4 Buckets won’t cover us for all we will use but, it was a great first time test.  Next year I’ll be doing much more & intend to dehydrate them. 

Oh, and I had such a newbie gardener brain burp.

I’ve been after Isaiah not to kill any bees or butterflies in the garden explaining how they pollinate etc.   Well, we had these beautiful greenish white spotted butterflies/moths all over by the beautiful, huge lets wait 1 more day to pick because they are not as big as I remembered broccoli…the next night when we checked them?  Less than 1/2 the size and covered with WORMS!!!! I mean covered we stopped counting at 20 on one plant.  there was 10-15 on one stalk.  Infested!  They had eaten so much all that’s left is enough for one meal  ONE stinkin meal.  We were advised to spray them with a mix of olive oil & water with a touch of dish soap.  It helped some but the plants were so far gone  there was no chance of recovery & we had to pull them. I’ll plant them again but boy howdy will I be on the lookout for those “pretty white butterflies” next time.   Guess my learning curve has a pretty high arc!

And a shout out for some advice! Again

Mr. Fix~It has mentioned he just might like to have fresh eggs around here   Could  have to do with all  hints I’ve been dropping ….or the magazines and articles about natural pest control I’ve left laying around or, he just wants to shut me up …. either way I need some guidance.  I’ve read so many articles and forums on care and maintenance of chooks and they seem to contradict each other.  I have yet to find a “Raising Chickens for Dummies” book..any pointers would be appreciated!


  1. Ask and you shall receive!


  2. Here's a free one!

  3. So cold and rainy here that my tomatoes have blight. AArrrgh!!!
    Nothing is growing. Glad you are having success:) Guess I will just stick to knitting this summer.

  4. I love your site! We had the same thing last year with our cabbages. Within twenty four hours they were infested with hundreds of caterpillars. This year weve netted everything to stop them laying their eggs. It doesnt look so pretty but it seems to work. Definitely get some chickens, once youve tasted a truly fresh egg theres no going back!


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