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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sometimes Plans Change

And you just have to roll with it.

This past Monday we had planned to fly to Chicago  for a Jayco RV dealers conference. We’d had our tickets for over a month and an hour before we were to leave for the airport we had a call from the airlines….. the flight was cancelled.  No specific explanation, but we were given the impression it was weather related.  

OK, we have a dinner in Chicago at 6pm, its now 11 am……and a 7 hr drive….in an area of Chicago we’ve not been before …arriving just in time for rush hour traffic.   Instead of driving Larry’s diesel dually he rented a Jetta.  Kind of hoping it would help “speed” things up…although we both do tend to have a lead foot.  Apparently car designer’s now cater to the 20-30 age group that drive with the seat half reclined.  With the seat in a normal driving position it forces you to hunch your back with your shoulders forward. 

We switched back and forth driving quite a bit and consoled ourselves with cappuccino's. 8D

Leaving home at 12:15 we made it by 6 pm our time, 5 pm  Chicago time. 

The last 28 miles?  Took 2 HOURS!!

So uh, yeah we “flew”. 

Turns out there was bad weather in Chicago.  But, the flight delay was because Joe Biden was in town.  They secured air space until he left.  Another reason not to like him! 

So the moral of the story? 

Well, There really isn’t one but…

Don’t get a Jetta unless you like to lay down when you drive or..your 20 and daddy buys it for you.

  But man can that car fly!

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  1. Good story! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey Page! Good to see you thanks for stopping in. Want a cup of coffee? It was a trip to remember thats for sure. By the time we worked all the kinks out we drove back home sweet home

  3. What an experience!!

  4. Jack drives in a reclining position. Every time I get in the van after he drives, I feel like a turtle on its back. Maybe he needs a Jetta? ;o)

  5. Hmmm, I am wondering if Biden will be in DC when I am planning to be there:)
    Glad you made it though. Now you know you do not want to buy a Jetta.
    Will you get a refund on your tickets?


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