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Sunday, June 27, 2010

In the Garden

89 degrees at 9 am and 89 at 9 pm but,  much higher in between.  First thing Evie & I picked more green beans while it was cool (not).  80 was the 6 am cool & no, I wasn’t up to see it! 

But we did have a nice haul of green beans and dragon tongue beans

Garden 004 With plenty more to come in the next few days.

I love the thought of  being as self reliant as possible, providing  home-grown organic veggies for my family.  Nutritious food that is free of chemicals & pesticides.

Food I can look at and say I know where this came from & how it was grown.

Yes it’s work but each step, from seed sprout to harvest is thrilling & well worth the effort.Garden 005 I’ve never seen bean blooms this thick on one plant

Garden 013

The tomato’s are coming along Garden 006

thick and lush.

Garden 008

I love the smell of the plants and can’t wait to make sauce. 

Garden 007

Zucchini nearly as tall as Isaiah.  I’ve blooms galore but no fruit so pollinated by hand this morning.Garden 023Remember the melon seeds that never germinated so I replanted? Garden 009

They must have been “resting” as they’re out of control now. I started  to pull some last week when I realized what happened but, they are all so twisted upon each other I was afraid I’d create more damage trying to thin them.  In the 4 foot section above I could see 20 assorted baseball sized melons growing.Garden 012

I need recipes quick!  I’ve found recipes for watermelon jam so that is on the list but, If any one has other proven recipes…give me a holler!

Garden 014

Our 4  first year blackberries have given me enough for a pie so far.  Not a lot I know but,  I had read not to expect any the cane’s first season so we’re very pleased.

This evening with Erika’s  help I have 10 quarts of green beans cooling on the counter along with

Garden 003 20 pints of blackberry jam.

Tomorrow the peaches!

Not a bad start to the canning season!

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  1. You are off to a great start. Everything is looking so good!!

  2. Watermelon ice cream.
    I also hear watermelon's good dehydrated (think fruit leather or just strips of melon).

  3. Watermelon jam sounds delicious. The ice cream would be pretty good too.

  4. And that's just the START? Gulp.

    I don't care for watermelon, and I'm dangerous with a recipe. I'm no help at all. :o)

  5. Im amazed - your garden looks lush! If that zuchinni starts fruiting it could set records - its huge!!! Well done with all the canning!


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