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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jam Anyone? The Marathon begins!

Peaches! We have sliced, halved and Jam.  canning & Knits 015As I slice and halve for jars, I have a bowl handy for the good left over chunks that come with trimming out the not so good spots and use that for my jam.    I was saving all the skins separately to make Peach Honey but,  towards the end of the bushel I ran out of steam and tossed them in with the jam. They cook down to nothing and add rich coloring to the jam. 

Monday I made more Blackberry jam, so we’re up to  30 pints of it now.  Isaiah labeling the lids for me, made the comment I needed bigger lids….because the word berry wouldn’t  fit. He’s 6 I figure by next year it will!

canning & Knits 030

Danielle, Isaiah & I spent a beautiful cool”ish” 80’s  morning  At Bryant’s Blueberries eating picking . OK, Mostly Danielle & I.  Isaiah was busy helping older ladies carry berries to the check out & getting water for us.  I’d like to think he has a heart of service but, I think it was more a 6yr old bored and helping was something better to do! 

22 lbs in the freezer and 20 pints of jam this evening.  

canning & Knits 031

I think I’ll wait and let him mark these “blue”

Mr. Fix~It buzzed through the kitchen in time with each batch to wipe and lid jars for me.  We had a nice system going.  His pitching in allowed me to wash pots to start the next batch. REALLY saved me a lot of  time! Another reason to keep him around for another 25 yrs!

More green beans to be canned tomorrow. The tomato’s are just starting to turn.  They are turning  the light green/gold  right before the ripening reds show. 

Knock on wood no deer or rabbits have found the melons yet.  Although, they could just be waiting for them to fully ripen !

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  1. They look lovely! We've just planted a peach tree, be a while before we have enough to do that with though. I have 3 citrus trees bulgin at the mo, need to make some marmalade

  2. Awesome! Peaches are the best to crack open in the winter! You've been super busy!!

  3. Your harvest season is ahead of ours but reading this post reminds me of just how frantically busy it gets when it seems everything wants to be preserved AT ONCE! A whole heckuva lot of work but such a great feeling to have it all squirreled away!

    Letting the little ones help not only exposes them to the wonderful art of preserving but gives them memories that will last all their lives.

  4. You have been busy!! Everything looks so good!!

  5. Oh man, you need to come over and help me do some canning this year. :) I just don't have the drive (other than a panicked feeling about not having enough fruit to last the year). :(

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  7. MMM... Home canned green beans... I can still remember how my Mamaw's beans tasted. I've never known anyone who could make them like she did.

    I'm still in for the "black" jam! :o)


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