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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Framing Is

Progressing!  As of tonight, We have the 2  main interior walls framed!

Not only that but we found the top of the concrete basement wall so we were able to plan the exact floor level to allow plumbing & heat ducting.  Sounds as if were going about this bas-akward I know.  The prior owner had at one time a basement leak so, he dug out all around and poured a second basement wall, then re-walled the main floor….so from the exterior, you couldn’t tell where the floor we are joining to was located.  We could have just cut the new entry but, we don’t have the exterior door on yet…..we needed to set the darn floor level!  But, we have it now so we can move forward!  He didn’t say it but, I think Larry was worried we would end up needing to punch through to the existing living space.

We’re at that awkward point, the exterior is up & painted, the interior is framed but it also cuts out a lot of natural light.  We have one light fixture in…kind of a redneck porch light inside the addition (so we don’t trip over anything) as the evening wears on we will have to set up the big glaring work lights. 

Chris & Erika came over Sunday and said “can we help?”  A resounding YES! and they were handed paint brushes and put to work applying the first coat to the exterior & working on the tanweekend 005 This supervisor took her job seriously!who knows 018Until she was caught napping on the job!weekend 014

I think we all envied her …shade and a breeze.

Erika had the stitches removed.  It’s healing pretty well but, she will need repair to the interior of her lip.  She has large knots of tissue that will need to be minimized or they will cause problems down the road. who knows 01490+ degrees meant mandatory pool breaks were in orderweekend 025 Compost boy looks heartbroken right?

Such a tough life!

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  1. Sounds like you're making good progress! We are calling it the A Team stage! We love when a plan comes together! lol
    Lip is healing nicely! I have a lovely scar on my snoz from a jack Russell, she hung on the end like a Xmas tree bauble! Blardy dog!

  2. Sounds like things are coming together. Isn't it nice when you have helpers?

  3. The help is wonderful but even better is having them & the littles around for company! Someone always makes me laugh


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