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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garden Update…Evie’s version…kinda

Want to see what’s growing (besides me) ?

You have to go over that way, but if you pull up plants they put you in the swing… so watch out!Pams colors 004Zucchini bigger than I am! Pams colors 010 Pams colors 011 But don’t pull off those pretty flowers or you get fussed at.Pams colors 013 Even these are bigger than I am

Hey, its supposed to be my turn!    Pams colors 007

Sometimes its hard being the baby,

Pams colors 021

Now, that’s more like it!

Pams colors 026 

Bye!  Can you come play again tomorrow?

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  1. Katie, Katie, how does your garden grow? Apparently both gardens (grandchildren and vegetables) grow much better than ours. Sooooo jealous right now as I look at the forecast for more rain tomorrow but sun this weekend. There's hope!

  2. Evie is very sweet. Those vegetables will make you grow big and strong Evie.

  3. Evie is a wonderful tour guide!! The garden looks great.


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