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Friday, June 25, 2010

Container Gardening

The Roma volunteers that I planted in last years “earth box” are doing “ok”.  Just now a month old and have baby maters.  Those in the main garden were planted mid April and are huge!  Most are chest high on me & I’m 5’9!  I’ll have to get photos as its our best year ever growing themNew Colors 008 Those I planted in the Up side down pots are doing well also.  Although I’ve pruned them way back the stems are a bit spindly compared to the others.  The one in the pot below (redneck drip system) is growing like gang busters.  It’s weight has pulled out the stakes and fallen over.  I stuck an old laundry basket under to help prop it up.  Serves a duel purpose as it catches rain water in the bottom and is working as a hot house.  The weight of the stems and blooms are going to break the plant unless I find alternative way to support it..maybe some plywood scraps?New Colors 005

And the squash in my Red Neck Earth box.

Its growing like crazy I’ve had hundreds of blooms…no squash.  I was taking the watched pot never boils mentality and leaving it alone to do its thing.  Well, its not doing its thing so I checked and all I see are female blooms. The squash in the main garden have the same issue only they have all male blooms. I’m sure going to feel  like a perv pollinating these!

New Colors 003 

And, out of control bushes and volunteer shrubs that need cleared. 

New Colors 009

Its all fun and games till it comes to weeding!

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  1. The one on the stairs creeps me out a little. Looks like it's plotting a coup. EEP.

  2. How can you tell, regarding the squash blooms, if they are male or female?

    I had just blooms and no squash a couple of years ago and didn't know what was wrong.

    This year I haven't had any blossoms at all yet.

  3. Merry, You know your right! I think I hear the Jaws theme song in my head when I look dwn those stairs! LOL

  4. It sure is interesting to follow your container gardening. It's something I've never done much of but is intriguing . . . especially with our short season and the possibility of bringing the containers into a sheltered area at night to perhaps prolong the time for maturity. (IF the containers weren't too heavy and unwieldy, of course!)

  5. Mama, I think the potatoes are going well. I've basicly a small kitchen garden on the back deck...chives etc. Most are in tubs or buckets I can easily move around. Last year was semi successful and this year looks to be even better. The kids can help water etc...and its more plants on the patio!

  6. Great work, Katie. I was thinking the Jaws theme as well. Kind of creepy, that one is.

  7. I love the idea! How nice. This would be ideal in the city. Would it work for inside the apartment? Any books you can recommend?

  8. Ok Mel, now I'm really creeped out. Those have to be cleared out tomorrow!

  9. Henya, if go google container gardening you will find hundreds of suggestions and idea's. Some are even using those hanging shoe holders! The kind that have big pockets? You could do plenty of thing in pots in a window. It would be a agreat lesson for the children

  10. Blue, from what I've learned female blooms have a bulb"ish" area at the base of the bloom..males don"t. Not to be smart but google it and you will find a wealth of info


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