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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hot and Healing

Did I say its Hot?  7pm & its still 88 degrees, 92% humidity.  I weeded for about an hour and am ready to fall over.  Its so sticky & humid you feel like your breathing in air mud.   I came inside…call me a wimp if you want.    The tomato plants are LOVING the humidity.  Some are waist high others are thigh high & I’m 5’9.  Loads of blossoms so we should have plenty of tomato sauce this year.  I made spaghetti for supper and noticed I only have 4 quarts left on the shelf so its just in time.   

The green beans I replanted are also loaded with blooms and others have beans growing.  The weeds had been trying to  take over so, when the neighbor was kind enough to mow the  kneed high grass in his field….. I was kind enough to rake a bunch of it & do a bit of lasagna mulching.  We won’t talk about the 2 ft snake I killed.  Not sure what kind, black with silver stripes…I wouldn’t have killed him if he hadn’t of startled me enough I almost wet my pants.  Taught me to look at what I’m raking a bit more closely thought! 

Mr Fix~It and his Dad are outside hanging more siding.  We decided to save the last few pieces we’d removed for repairs in other parts of the house.  We can’t purchase the exact same pattern any more.  I’d rather have one wall a tad different & use the salvaged for repairs that will match.    

Erika had a visit with a plastic surgeon yesterday (Friday).  She’s  not vain but neither does she want a huge scar on her face.  He said she’s healing nicely (which we knew) but there is no damage to her gums or jaw.  The swelling has gone down considerably, her lips are a wonderful shade of green, lime green, pink, blue & purple…..I told her I wanted the photo to create a new colorway….she didn’t think it was very funny.  Well, you have to make lemonade right?

a 004 

Isn’t that a lovely shade of green? Almost matches her eyes.

The puncture marks show on her bottom lip now, she’s lucky the teeth did not go all the way through or her bottom lip would look like her top lip. But inside?  Its all still mush.  She’s eating with a straw & cant move her top lip.   The looks people give her are something.  Much rather they came up and asked instead of staring.  She said the surgeon made comment this is the type of injury he see’s with abused women & if he hadn’t seen the puncture wounds they would be having a looooong talk…Now, she wants to carry a sign that’s says, “No, My husband didn’t beat me, it’s a dog bite!”

OK, I’ve stalled long enough, back outside & breathing air mud.



  1. Busy Busy Busy girl!!
    I can send you pictures of where I was bitten in the groin a few years ago, maybe you can get some good colors from there:)

  2. I can't take that kind of heat or snakes. You are a better woman than me.


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