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Saturday, June 5, 2010

We’re getting there!

Progress little bits at a time.   We had all the windows in when Rachel Adam & Hayden came up to help last weekend.  Building inspector said we’re good to go!

Besides having a great visit it was wonderful having the extra hands to help/do the grunt work.   So, while Mr.Fix~It was at work, we pulled the exterior siding that was now “inside”.  It would have been nice to have it all pulled prior to placing the exterior walls but, we knew they would be exposed longer than would be wise. 

This is the exterior wall to the family room….the coldest room in the house.  Even though there are plenty of heat/air ducts we’ve always needed little electric heaters to not freeze.  The computer is in this corner and your fingers would be numb before long so, I was anxious to see what was behind this wall.  Weekend mix 013

Will you look at that!  No weather board.  Interior drywall insulation & exterior siding is all there was! Weekend mix 020 Look at the coldest corner…it was full of birds nests.  The insulation only went up the bottom half.  The brown spot in the top of that section is the interior paneling!  Darn birds had nearly eaten through the wall.

Partial Stash 037

By the end of the weekend, we had the exterior finished on the front of the house

Partial Stash 029  

We have yet to find the window we want for the bathroom but know we have to do something to balance out that big blah spot on the front.

Partial Stash 032

Monday we had the first section of the side covered & needed to stop for yard & garden work.

 Partial Stash 033

I’m not at all frustrated with our progress, we’ve been working our rears off with a “gotta do” list that seems to grow every day. I know we’ve made a LOT of progress.  I’m looking forward to get to the point where the list of “what’s next” is smaller than what’s been done. But that will be a while yet I know having only a few hours through the week and Sundays to work at this point.  80+ temps with 80-90% humidity sure doesn't help any!

My Father in Law has been cleaning out the barn & look what he found!  A big lot of canning jars.  They need a good cleaning and will be put to good use!

Partial Stash 031

There is even an old blue jar.  I’ll be saving that one for sure!

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  1. Looks like you guys have been busy!Things look like they are coming right along. And congrats on the jars.... I firmly believe you can NEVER have to many!

  2. You go girl! Doesn't it feel so great to get so much done?
    Love that blue glass jar!

  3. We try to convince ourselves that we can get so much more done in the summer months, when in all reality it's too blimmin' hot! Race you to the finish!! :D

  4. Sci Fi Thanks I agree, never have to may jars, esp. now that 2 of the 3 girls want to can also..Yeah!

    Frugal, You bet, its been a dream for about 10 yrs. Everything in its own time right?

    Sue, This is a race you'd win! I love the work you are doing on your home. Your so right about trying to do to much...we always do!

  5. My sister just moved in with me. It's so nice having her around. However, we needed to do some remodeling in her room. It has been ages since it was last occupied. My co-worker advised me that we hire a siding contractor, Minneapolis based. Well, he did an excellent job in putting up the cement fiber siding. He said that this material is durable and low maintenance. Cement fiber is made from recycled products- that is certainly a good thing! The new room will be finished soon. I hope yours, too. I just want to share this inspiring quote that I read the other day. When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."


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