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Friday, November 13, 2009

Parenting not Baby-sitting!

FIRST THING this morning watching the news, there was a special interview with a Father of 7. The female news reporter said, To give the homeschooling Mom a break, he “BABYSAT HIS CHILDREN,  being a heroic & miraculous  Father by taking all 7 camping for the weekend BY HIMSELF!!! 

OK, that was written the beginning of the week but it still ticks me off. The family was caught in a freak snow storm and did very well due to the fathers smart thinking ….but  he was considered heroic because he “babysat” his children for the weekend !  BABY SIT????   Um, is that not called parenting!?!? 

What a thoughtful husband and father providing a break for the mom & good time for the children.  I thought it was great, something Mr.~Fix It would have done

Sorry for all the exclamation points but, it irritates the dickens out of me when I hear a father say he’s baby sitting his own children.  Like they are some one else’s.  It makes fathers sound stupid & selfish.   There is enough disrespect to parents with out input from the newscasters.  There were many TV programs touted as “family programs” we did not allow our children to watch as they referred to the Mom as clueless and the Dad as stupid or the kids would mock the parents & tell them to shut up. 

Call me old fashioned but how about a few programs where parents not children run the home, show’s dealing with everyday families issues.  Parents who say no to the children, Fathers who are portrayed as anything other than bumbling idiots!

Oh, That’s right, they were taken off the air!

5:30 am is to early to blog


  1. Yep that is why "Leave it to Beaver" and that line of shows was sooo goodd. No sassing allowed. The daddy was the daddy and the mommy was the mommy.

  2. I am with you!!!

    "Honey, I'm going out. Son#1 is doing this, son #2 has to do this & #3 is doing this."

    "Ok, honey, see you later."

    That's much better.

  3. Glad to know we are not the only ones that feel this way.

  4. My personal issue (in addition to agreeing w/ yours) is when I tell folks when daddy is coming home from war, and they say "I bet he can't wait to send the kids off to grammies and get away on a romantic weekend with you". Um, Yeah he CAN wait, and he WANTS to wait, see he's just been at war, and he misses his children, he actually LIKES his children and likes being around them and the LAST thing he's going to do is to farm them out so we can get away together. AS a family, WITH the kids we do things together, and mommy and daddy can have their "romantic getaway" after the kids are tucked safely in bed, in their own home. We've obviously figured out how to do that, otherwise there wouldn't be four little blessings!

  5. You are so right!!!! Private time can alwasys be found but family time is precious! Thats what he's fighting for!

  6. Arrrrgggghhhh! You really hit a nerve with this one. How can people be so stupid!

  7. That is why the mook maker had to die! Now if only I could do something about the movie choices here!!!


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