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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Painting AGAIN!

But this time for a different daughter. Danielle our oldest has moved to a different rental. She has lived “in town” for a year or so and couldn’t take neighbors and noise any more. She had a sweetheart next door that was a woman with adult children & grandchildren living with her. If the children ventured outside they were called back in by grandma with kind words to the affect of “get your a$$ back in the da&#&#&m house” When we were moving her in, we introduced ourselves and she just looked at us and walked back inside…yanking the kids along. Have I made mention Dani is a counselor in a residential facility for abused children?

Abused children have a look. When you see it, you just know.

Not a friendly family and it did not get any better.

Lets just say she had a few numbers on speed dial.

Growing up with the closest neighbor a field away, you get used to the space, the quiet & privacy. One day she called me and said
”Mom, kids are walking in my front yard!” Turns out they were just playing, a ball would go in her yard and they would go after it. Not hurting a thing….she’s just used to her space. So, to avoid being the cranky lady who fusses at little kids…she moved! Partly for a larger yard. She wants to garden and she only had room for a few tomato’s. Now, she’s on a couple of acres with room for a HUGE garden. Room for her dogs to run & play, a garage….and free reign to make any changes to the property she wants. Johanna, one of my best friends owns the house. Her instructions were very clear “ you can do any thing you want to the place”. And she means it! Did I mention its an old house? after scraping about 20 layers of wall paper we painted. It’s the old style kitchen with the original glass front cabinets, flour bin, ironing board cabinet that has been converted to a spice cabinet. It’s old enough the bath & laundry room were an addition to the original house! Before she moved in Jo remodeled the bathroom, put in new kitchen floor & water heater.

She has a few unwanted house mates though……

Cave Crickets

his guys about palm sized

cave cricket

This photo was taken after she beat it with a broom about 4 times.

Had no affect what so ever.

She may be rethinking the move!

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  1. Afraid I would be out the door in a New York minute. Does Raid work on them?

  2. I am so jealous! I want to move onto a big property! My dream is to have a small homestead someday!

  3. I had kids picking my flowers as fast as I could plant them! My cure was to tell them they could only pick what they helped plant. Now I have 6 little gardening friends who want to plant as soon as the weather gets nice.
    Brystan's friends put their football in our yard so it is close to where they play. I told them I am not responsible for it, if it disappears,(which it has) because I am not a ball babysitter.

    Now that we have the fire pit, kids come over alot more. They want to know if we are doing s'mores? I know it is different, because I have kids and want my home to be where they hang out. But There are a few hoodlums I would like to stop crossing my yard, pulling up plants and stealing whatever is not nailed down!
    Have fun painting.
    I have never seen one of those bugs before! NASTY!

  4. Neighbors - gotta love em!! Cave Crickets - gross!!

  5. Sounds like my dream house. Except for the whole palm sized cave cricket thingy... Snort.

  6. What are they doing out of their cave anyway? Were they working the welcome wagon or something? EEP.


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