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Monday, November 16, 2009

Readers Handmade Christmas

Paige of Notes From the Backyard Gang,  sent photo’s of her Handmade Christmas gifts.  She has some wonderful creative ideas for family.  It seams her sister’s love ball caps but, have a difficult time finding feminine hats that fit.  Paige, being the creative genius that she is solved that problem! 

Since her family would see them on her blog she’s allowing me to share her creativity to possibly spark some ideas for others

She found some plain caps in colors appropriate for each 

christmas 2009 003

Appliqué's to coordinate

christmas 2009 004

A bit of time with the iron

christmas 2009 009And now has gifts

christmas 2009 005 personalized by color and design

christmas 2009 007 for each sister

For just about $10.00 Each!

How creative is that!

 christmas 2009 012

I just want to ask…Paige, may I be your blogging sister!?!?


  1. What a wonderful idea would not have thought to do that.

  2. Beautiful!! What a great idea!!

  3. I love how my boys are covering their faces out of embarrasment for wearing "girly" hats!. Jack got the extra red one and wants me to put skull and crossbones on it like I'd done for his big brother this summer.

  4. Why????Are some people so smart?
    These are so amazing. I love them all.
    I am afraid my handmade Christmas will be the hats and or mittens I do not sell.

  5. Those are absolutely beautiful and what a great idea! :)

  6. What a gorgeous idea! I have been trying to make all my gifts this year as well - but with the move I'm getting worried if I'll be able to finish any!!

    Oh! This is "flowerchild" from downtoearthforums. :)

    What a beautiful blog you have my friend!

    - Jenny


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