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Monday, November 16, 2009

Computer issues! YUCK!

So I have Vista on this computer. Everything was fin….. Now, all of a sudden I’m not able to log in to normal sites like Ravelry!   I’m getting little boxes  that say things like Allow this site to leave a cookie?  Do they want milk with that?  Pie?  Fries?  Now programs are being blocked….I’m ready to drop kick this thing out the door!

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  1. I too am having major issues with my computer that still aren't resolved. You don't realize how much you count on your computer until you have problems. Good luck! Mine are cookies problems as well and I can't seem to get rid of them....I usually don't want to get rid of cookies but these ones I do! :)

  2. I hate Vista!! Everyone I know hates Vista!! Computer tech people hate Vista!! I bet Bill Gates hates Vista!!

    My sympathies!!

  3. My friend got Vista on her new laptop earlier this year, she's spent as much repairing it, as she spent on the computer itself. I think next she'll be getting a Mac.

  4. Well, Mr. Fix~it caught it as I was throwing it out the window...not really but I was sure ready to! Anyway..I had updates installed today that really gummed it up. He reset everything back to default settings and now, so far...things are ok. I can at least access my own blog without having to go through another! If God had Vista...I think he would have been cursing too!


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