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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toothless & Knitting!

The Boy needs to learn a new song…

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth! Projects 003 The lisp started on the second day. The twisted Grandma I am, I love watching him try & eat an apple.

I’d love to show a photo of Miss Evie…but that child has not stopped since she started walking! I have to try and get a video of her. NONE of mine walked this early but, I just know it comes from our gene pool!

And, I can say that with total confidence as I don’t think her Daddy even knows I have a blog

Its been a crazy past 2 weeks but I have been knitting. These photo’s are terrible as nothing is blocked but here you go!

Green and teal heather stripes. The green has the same teal threads. I love how Cascade heathers match perfectly!Green stripe 007

Rainbow stripesGreen stripe 002

The last of them so far….

HEY SANTA!Hey Santa! 001

I can just see some little one with Elf ears wearing these!

All listed on Etsy!

Mr. Fix~It has been hunting….So I’ve had lots of free time to knit.

Am I the only one who is waaaay behind on Christmas gifts?

Please tell me I’m not alone!

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  1. You're not alone. And everything I'm working on now is for the little ones to wear During the Season so what time will I have left for things to go under the tree is anyone's guess. Planning sewing projects since they're a bit faster.

  2. I have 4 gifts purchased so far! Been too busy with my projects. Do you think they will accept that as their gift? I reapholstered the chairs you ruined, What more do you want? Cute toothless grin by the way!

  3. I refuse to think of Christmas until after Thanksgiving. :o)

    LOVE the snagglepuss!

  4. Darlin', you are not alone. I'm further behind than I've ever been.

    Love the non-toothy grin- precious!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. What a beautiful smile!! No, you are not alone in the Christmas gift department.

  6. oh no you're not alone!

    I love your knitting - i reckon these would be great for adults!

  7. Toothless is adorable! I am behind just like you....tis the season. :)

  8. Haha what a cute toothless grin!

    I promised my mom some wool house socks for Christmas & I haven't been able to order the yarn yet! It has to be superwash because knowing her she'll throw it in the washer. I have no idea what to give my dad.. he's a hard man to please. I don't think we can top last year's really massage chair cushion.

    I think I'm going to start making some swiffer covers & face cloth sets for the rest of the fam!

  9. What a sweet smile! You are sooo not a lone on being behind in the gift making.


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