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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Considerate Wife

The mini is almost complete. Camping this weekend delayed the progress some, I was only able to knit about an inch. Simple mindless knitting but great for group setting where your attention is pulled in many directions. The knitting is done, I just need to add the buttons. Guess I HAVE to visit Grinny Possum this morning!…Photo coming soon!

I had a wonderful find at Meijer yesterday. My oldest daughter Danielle & I were at the check-out after finding a few plants for our back deck and her yard. The lady in front of us had this wonderful plant hanger! It’s a Mothers Day Special they have running, the plant and stand (your choice of 2 stands) for $20.00! Being the wonderful considerate wife that I am, (ok quit laughing and don’t spew your coffee on the keyboard) I saved him the time and trouble of bringing it home!

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