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Monday, May 26, 2008

Projaholics R Us!

I think we are projaholics, we go from one project to the next. I am married to a world class do-it-yourselfer. I meant that in the best possible way. He finishes what he starts, and is not to proud to ask for guidance if he has questions. 2 years ago we built a garage. I say we as my husband, grandson and I. The house did not have one and my handman-jack of all trades husband was working out of a small room in the basement. So, after many years of waiting we built this. His dream, a 30 X 40 garage. We plotted it out, took down a tree or 2. We spent most of the summer preparing, doing it ourselves. A friend of ours was good enough to lend us a back hoe. We leveled and dug footers. Are we cheap or frugal? Depends on whom you ask but, neither of us like paying for things you can do yourself. At long last, up she went. A contractor poured the floor and put the actual building up with hubbys help in his off hours. I think Isaiah our grandson had as many hours as Larry did in the building. That kid can shovel some dirt! After breaking 2 kid shovels we bought a small gardening one. You would have thought it was a Pony he was so excited to have a REAL shovel. (wonder how long that will last).

So, At long last the garage was done, hand prints in wet concrete, doors in place, tools placed and work areas planned. He moved in. Just like a kid in a candy store! That is until my grandson was playing with a bouncy ball and we heard the most horrible sound. Thump, thump, thunk, thunk, thunk!
Huge air bubbles in the floor! It started cracking like a shattered window as soon as cold weather set in. What a mess! We were just sick! So this fall we had it dug out and re-poured. So, now we have “YARD ART” I ask you…………. how many people can claim this size of yard sculpture?

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