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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friends don’t let friends knit Drunk

I was cruising right along the other night on a baby jumper. Fun simple knit, using Cascade 220. I had just joined the bodice and started the skirt. On the home stretch…just finish the a-line skirt add a bit of embroidery and done right?
My good friend Johanna popped in for a bit. You know the kind of friend your closer to than family. You can say any thing to and she’ll throw your words back at you when necessary? Well, she’d been out for sushi and brought some Japanese Plum wine for me to try. I’m not a big drinker, one glass of (insert beverage) and I get a bit loopy. We each poured a glass, and it was WONDERFUL! Chatting, knitting, sipping. I was on a roll, that skirt went up so fast! After a bit Jo left, I threw the (empty) bottle away and decided to cast off in the morning.

It was the most wonky thing ever! My A-line skirt was straight on one side with a large bubble hump on the other! I frogged the evidence. This is what’s left after a great bottle of wine and fun evening knitting. I laughed so hard, and was thankful no one was home to see it. The next time Johanna brings Plum wine I'll put training wheels on her Motorcycle.

Think I’ll pour a cup of COFFEE and finish it today.


  1. Garter stitch only when having a little bubbly (or whatever you like). I have done the same thing.

  2. It could have been worse--had you been crocheting instead of knitting, you could have ended up with a toilet paper roll cover....:)

  3. hehehe......
    I once finished a toe on a sock whilst drunk....it was very very wrong......!!!

    Sarah xXx


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