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Monday, May 26, 2008

Projaholics, Yard Art & Lemonade

When we had to pull out the old garage floor, we had a HUGE mound of concrete I refer to as our “Yard Art”. What size do would you like, I can offer anything from 1 inch to 6 inch deep, and just about any size of slab! Hmmm….lemons….Lemonade!

Later this summer we were planning to create a court yard/patio area between the garage and house. It’s shaped like a slice of pie and just not quite big enough for our size family. Weeks ago, Larry & I were talking and agreed if we could extend it out “just a few feet” it would work. So yesterday morning we began pulling apart the Yard Art and started building a retaining wall. It will allow us to extend the patio area an additional 10ft in length and 12-13 ft in width!
We were going to purchase rock slabs to do this but…with a little bit of creativity we’ll work with what we have. Had a great crew, my husband (the mastermind) of course, daughters Erika and Danielle, Erika’s boy friend Chris, Larry’s dad and my grandson Isaiah. 4 generations playing with big puzzle pieces….big HEAVY puzzle pieces. And a lot more to go!
4 generations! Can you taste the Lemonade? I think we will enjoy the memories of this as much as the use of the area we are creating.

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