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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Craft room cometh!

I’m getting a craft room! We are enclosing our car-port to move the laundry room upstairs and also creating a 2nd bathroom. The rest is MINE! It’ is still in the planning stages for the interior so I’m asking what is the favorite thing in your “room” or work area. I have a lot of ideas and but not sure how it will all fit together. What are your coulda/shoulda /woulda’s? I will be using it as a sewing/knitting room so, your comments & suggestions will be greatly appreciated. What was the best thing you did, what are the things you wish you had done differently?

I went on line searching and found a website (and have lost the link) with the ideal (in my mind) sewing set up, L-shaped for sewing machine & serger. Cone and spool thread on the wall within easy reach. A free floating table. I think a table against the wall would be too limiting for pattern & quilt layout. Windows, 2 big windows for natural sunlight. Storage for knitting, sewing and craft books.

The knitting storage is where I’m stumped. I think I would prefer open mesh cubes on the wall, yarn off the floor and visible. The type Anne at the Grinny Possum uses would be great as I could adjust them to meet my current need. Hmmm, a room that floats, where I am able to adjust the room to accommodate my current needs. Wow, with all these plans & ideas I need to measure the space again! I look forward to hearing all your ideas and suggestions

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  1. I think in my dream craft room I'd want cabinets (or cubes) that had glass doors for my yarn and books, so I could see everything and it would stay clean and not get dusty. A nice comfy chair & ottoman set would be great for knitting in ! Of course I'd also need a tv/dvd player so I can watch my movies while I craft. Oh yeah, and dead bolt that locks from the inside so noone can bother me! Can't wait to see pics of what you come up with!


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