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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Heat Is On..May I Borrow Your Goats?

It’s 83 right now and just 9 am.  If the predictions of the weather man are correct this will be the coolest morning of the week.  The heat wouldn’t be so bad but the humidity is killer.

Last season when we took the pool down we had planned to have another up for this summer.  Well, life happened and…you know there are other priorities.  After much discussion, we’ve decided to put in another pool.  We don’t go out much & I figure it’s our entertainment.

Working here its been our cool off treat. Last summer I’d set work goals and take a dip in the pool to cool off…then get back to work. I was not looking forward to 90 degree days with 80% humidity this summer.  I just can’t take the heat without some relief.

We’re switching location though.  It will go in the large clearing behind the garage…between the 2 houses.

Which means I need to get this mess needs cleaned out.

I need goats.  IMG_2555

A few years ago we had a nasty windstorm and lost numerous trees.  The debris pile (hidden behind stacked wood & rabbit hutch) was a handy wood supply for the fire pit & bonfires.

Since we’ve ramped up gardening and fruit vines…and building the addition it’s been neglected & become just a bit out of control…I need goats


Vica, briars and honeysuckle have taken over…also poison ivy. LOTS of poison ivy!

I need goats


The lyrics “break on through to the other side” run through my mind as I’m cutting limbs and shrubbery

Hard to believe a few short years ago we mowed this & it was my kids path to the creek

For the past few days I’ve been working clearing it out using the… dive in and chop/hack your way out method. Goats would help.  Goats would get nice and fat on this mess!


There are trees grown up over 3 inches in diameter already

ironically, somewhere under this mess is a wood chipper


May I borrow your goats?  They would be well fed!

Oh and so am I!  Erika just called across the yard she has fresh cookies…have I mentioned I love having my daughter and her children as a neighbor?



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