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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Hangin Out

For ever so long I’ve wanted a clothes line.

A real honest to goodness clothesline.

Dryers are one of the largest (if not the largest) expense in our electric bill.  And lets face it, I’m cheap….I can’t stand watching that power meter spin. 

SOLAR POWER!  I want to let the free sun and wind to do the job.

Lately I’ve been using stand up dryer racks which are nice but outside they get blown over outside & I wind up with the racks set up all over the house. 

My improvised lines that criss crossed all over the back deck were ok for small garments & socks but every thing else hit the ground, & most ended up stained with debris from the trees.

   I’ve looked at the collapsible style but they are now all constructed of light weight aluminum & flimsy…not like the heavy ones we grew up with.

A few weeks ago we were visiting  our SIL/BIL Jessie & Mike.  They’ve been working over 12 years building a house themselves. It’s just a beautiful location.  Meadow, hill side, fruit…yes I drool.(It’s the family that gave us all the raspberry canes) I would trade in a heartbeat even if it meant starting the gardens over! Anyway, we talking about improvements they were currently working on and future plans, fencing etc.  Jokingly I made comment “well, that clothes line will be in your way…I’ll do my part and take it home”

The following week we got together at our house & when they left….this was on the patio



Saturday morning I got the washer running and went out side. 

30 minutes later


I had that bad boy setup in the side yard


By the end of the day I’d hung & dried 4 loads of clothes. I couldn’t wait for the washer to finish and hang the next load.  Others who live here think I’m nuts & shake their heads.

It’s been used everyday since & I hugged Jessie when I saw her today.

It’s the little things that make me happy,

Is there anything better than fresh sun dried sheets & towels?!?!

So yeah, I’m just hangin out!

Have a great evening!


1 comment:

  1. I agree with you. There is nothing quite like the smell of line-dried clothes. I can tell you feel great about your new clothes line and maybe the neighbours will be inspired by your enthusiasm!

    Our biggest use of electricity seems to be for hot water. We have an electric tank :-( I would love to do my own inspiring and convince my husband to have a serious look at an on-demand heater. It seems silly to be heating hot water all day when we only use it when we shower and wash dishes.


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