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Thursday, June 27, 2013

We Got The “Big Man” This Week!

And we’re storing up as many memories as we can. Hayden is in Indiana having Grandma & Grandpa Time!  Last week was spent with Adams parents and this week is ours, then he heads back to SC.

I HATE having him so far away!

This is one evening I won’t forget! We went out for ice cream, perfect for a hot humid evening right?

Um, not so much. 

The ice cream started melting like water dripping from a faucet. It didn’t set up properly.  Then a nice breeze started…..I turned around and found a very chocolate covered boy! This photo was taken after he was partially cleaned up.  Imbiggin the photo and you’ll see his arms and shirt are covered

Hayden & Icecream

I laughed so hard….and so did he. Grandpa? Not so much, it was his truck we were riding in.   A few squirts of dish soap and his shirt is good as new.

It’s been a fun week, I’ve decided 16 mo Grand daughter Alixandria is part monkey.  She will climb anything but her all time favorite is a kitchen table.  And she’s not picky…any table will do, her mama’s, mine…yours if you let her in the house.  We can have the chairs all pushed in, come back less than a minute later and there she is….happy as a clam sitting on the table…talk about blood pressure check!


One thing I’ll say about this child is she has her own opinion on fashion


So far this week we’ve built roads,excavated through the rock


learned drink from the water hose…

Water hose

and in the afternoons when it’s to hot & humid to play outside we watch a

Disney movie….

Evie Not Tired

Because we are not tired and don’t need a nap…

The garden?

I’ve been out a few times


But I have more important things to do this week…like sidewalk chalk, more roads, building fairy houses….

Have a wonderful week, I know we will.


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  1. Enjoy your grand babies, they are adorable :-)

  2. I bet I know of one very tired grandma each night! You are blessed to have them. Enjoy!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy!

  4. Oh, how fun! You are right. You have important things to do this week. :-)


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