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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gutter Talk & Nosey Neighbors

Ha! I know where your mind went & shame on you! 

Today we got the gutters up on the Little House.

We knew they needed done soonish but he wasn’t to thrilled to install them today.

It started when Mr.Fix It asked when we were going to get a bit of landscaping done over there..referring to all the plants we’ve collected & have all over in pots.  He’d taken a few loads of dirt over to the front so we could get started but without gutters installed, the rain was eroding the soil & would destroy all those (mostly) free plants.  After a trip to the hardware store and a phone call on the way back of “come over for breakfast, we cooked to much” invite from the oldest daughter we were set.20130609_125012  It went pretty smooth and would have been completed an hour or so sooner but, I forgot to grab right and left end caps so there was a bit of down time with another run to the hardware store.Waiting for parts

While the guys were working on the gutters, we pulled up a bunch of ‘Rose of Sharron” bushes and transplanted them on the edge of the driveway in front of the house.

A few days after Erika moved in the neighbor across the field came over to see the house. There wasn’t a “welcome, congrats, are you excited about the move etc”…she made the comment she sat and watched Erika through the windows but wanted better look!!


So, the other day I walked over to her house to check out exactly what she could see & and figured the landmarks of her “view”…which is exactly where we planted those Rose of Sharron bushes! I mean Really! Who hasn’t looked in windows as you drive by a house with the curtains open, but to say you changed your seating for a better line of sight??!?!?!??! Actually its far enough away (about 4 times the distance of these bushes to the house) you cant see a thing! She must be using binoculars!!!

I think we fixed that problem!



  1. Katie,
    Give her something to watch!!!!

    Neighbors!!!! Enough said!

  2. Wow, that takes nerve! I agree with Sandy....give her something to watch! LOL


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