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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Playing Catch up

We are home from our trip and playing catch-up big time.  Apparently it rained like crazy while we were gone because the garden has taken off like crazy! The beans are heavy in bloom and the squash has just gone crazy! When we left, this plant was knee high on me…keep in mind I’m 5’9 and have a 33 inseam.  Right now it’s hip high!


Glad I spaced these further than normal because it’s just huge. Now, we’ll see if these blooms fruit.  Last year I needed to hand pollinate them all…realllly hoping that’s not needed this time around.


The raised beds needed some serious work. Most of the lettuce has bolted & I’m letting it go to harvest seed.  The asparagus transplants appear to be a success.  There were about 6 new shoots popping up….which I munched on while weeding.  


My tomato’s are slugging along…very slow growing this year.  At this rate I’ll still have green tomato’s come the first frost


The potato’s are doing pretty well. I’ve needed to hill them twice this week. I added a layer of straw to help retain the moisture in this 90 degree heat streak.  I’m really hoping they do well this year.  The second potato bed is starting to show signs of growth as well. It’s my first year with them in the ground & both beds went in late…but it’s looking good so far …really hoping for some spuds this year after the last 2 yrs. fiascos!


Hmm, my rows don’t look to straight! I’ll have to run lines next year…lets hope those taters don’t mind LOL!


The strawberry bed…after all the rain & week of absence is a hot mess. Before I left it was weed free.


Pretty blooms showing through all those green leaves.

What we came home to?


Looks like I have a few hours of work with the hand trowel in front of me.  We went through the bed picking what we could salvage and tossed over a gallon of soggy/rotting berries.  I’m so thankful the bed it tiered or it would be a rotting mess rather than just needing a serious weeding.  Think once I have it cleaned up I’ll add a bit of straw to those bare spots to  help slow those weeds down.

The heat is up this afternoon so we caved and came inside till it drops under 90.  Looks like the laundry and dust are calling my name.

Maybe I’ll sew a bit or knit instead!


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  1. I really do think our gardens grow much better when we're not home to watch. Really!

    I don't know how you survive (let alone work outside!) in the heat you're having. We hit the mid-80s (maybe even a smidge above) out in the garden yesterday and I was almost sick by the time I came in to fix dinner. Granted, we're not used to high temps at all . . . but it sure whacked me out. Take care and take rest periods inside if you need to spend time outside in those high temps.

  2. Katie,

    I hope you had a fabulous trip! Hey don't stress about the weeds, we all have them, lol......

    Stay cool, temperatures are rising every where. My garden starting to dry up.

  3. What Sandy says about weeds is true. Even commercial growers have them. My husband and I went strawberry picking last night and there were plenty of weeds poking up through the straw. At one point I forgot myself and started picking weeds instead of berries. lol Your garden looks fabulous! I hope you had a good trip.


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