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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tough Ending to 2012

So we will gladly wave it good bye.

Yesterday morning little baby Alix was happily playing with our son in law when she fell over face first onto a sleeping kitten….as you can imagine, there were traumatic results. 2 deep/wide scratches high on her cheek had me running with Erika to the Emergency Room with the baby. They quickly referred us to the Kosair children's hospital who has a qualified pediatric plastic surgeon and pediatric anesthesia team.  5 hours later we left with a loopy/groggy baby with 32 stitches…5 of which were behind her ear, (one AWESOME Mama  I was so proud of Erika keeping it together for her daughter)

*******Don’t look if you are squeamish**********



We did anything short of standing on our heads to keep Alix from crying. Tears burned in the wound, her face would swell and the scratches would split more.  Her Mama’s phone became a soother & was a soggy mess by the time they started the procedure but it was more than worth it.  While we were waiting for the decision to have the work done at the local hospital or Kosair, we noticed the swelling showing above her ear and found she had another inch long puncture like  tear wound behind her ear.  It hadn’t bled at all as the swelling was keeping it closed..our touching her ear to check it totaled another towel


Alix Scratches

The team that worked on Alix was just fantastic…with Alix, Erika & I.  They made sure Erika understood everything about the procedure & let us stay with Alix in the procedure room till she was all the way out. We had to leave her in their capable hands but, it was with confidence.  As soon as they were done, they came for us. Right away she started to rouse to her Mama’s scent & woke up to her mama’s face and voice.  Can’t ask for better than that!

She slept as well as could be expected last night and today, is pretty much back to normal.  Her Mama may take a few more days!  Now, to help the son in law to understand it’s not his fault.  It was an accident & could have happened with anyone of us there.

She’s sleeping right now but I’ll show you the Dr’s fantastic needle work tomorrow.

We rang in the New Year with family,

Take out pizza instead of home made Enchilada's & wine LOTS of wine!


Today the tree is down, most of the Christmas decorations are packed away and we’ve had a quiet playful afternoon at home.

2013 will be better




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  1. Oh poor baby! I would have been a lunatic! So way to go mama on keeping it together for her!!!! Happy New Year to your family ☺

    1. Kelly I was so scared but she'sgoing to have minimal scaring ....in time. It was an awesome team

  2. Oh Katie, that is one horrible cut! Poor little thing. Way to go Mamma on remaining calm. It is amazing how fast accidents happen. Hugs to you all and many wishes for a wonderful 2013!

  3. Poor little thing. Glad you guys kept it together. Lol

    1. SFG, Yes, it's tough when you can't fix your baby's & grandbaby's hurts ! Hope you have a fantastic 2013!

  4. Katie,

    I'm happy to hear Alix is okay, you had wonderful medical staff to
    assist and make sure the stitches wouldn't leave major scars later in life. Dad and Mom don't need to feel guilty, it's an accident and like you said they happen.

    1. Sandy, it was my oldest daughters husband and they are still just sick about it. Nothing you say will make them feel better. Time and healing. Can't wait to hear of your adventures in 2013!

  5. Debbie, she is recovering much quicker than the adults in the family....we need 2013 to be a calm year ....Best wishes to you and yours!

  6. Oh, my! I'm weaping. How that little mama held it together was amazing. Bless her heart! I wasn't able to hold back tears just reading about it. I hope Alix heals in record time.


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