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Saturday, January 26, 2013


to get back in routines.

  With my arm and adjusting, the RV show, Family…I’ve gotten waaaay off track here in the house.  Lots of reasons can be found but no more excuses!  I need to figure a way to get back to managing this house. I will admit I was getting down in the dumps a bit.  I was frustrated with myself over what I couldn’t do and although trying, I wasn’t focusing on what I could. Yesterday morning I wasn’t out of bed till 9 am or even dressed till 11 am.  That’s not me or how I want to live my life~  Things are piling up and out of control again.

Before, I would take a couple of hours and have the daily tasks done.  Now, I do a bit here, rest my arm a bit then go back and finish…but, the go back and finish bit is tripping me up.  I get started on something else and ….well you know how it goes. 

Starting today (I’m taking a day off from the show)  I’m back to writing a daily chore list like I used to for the kids.  You know, silly as it sounds it’s working for me. I may have to take a break from a specific chore but, if it’s not crossed off the list I know I need to go back to it before days end. 

Instead of focusing on what is not done/can’t do, I can focus on what has been done and feel some since of satisfaction.  Pacing myself this way I’ve been more productive this morning then I have all week. 

I’ve always been a clutter bug,  not the neatest person in the world (OK, I’m a mess) Staying on the simple daily list will I think help even after my arm is better.  I can take on large tasks in stages when my  arm is feeling good and tackling the smaller when I need to go easy spreading it out through the day.  

So here’s to better attitudes and routines!


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1 comment:

  1. You're to be given a lot of credit for being so big and brave about "shaping up" when you only have one good working arm. Seems like you could use that alone as a good excuse for fluffing off a little!

    But I know what you mean. Don't we all need to get strict (or maybe it's just called playing mind games) with ourselves now and then. Dang, but it's so easy to fall into habits and routines that we really don't like and know aren't good for us.

    I'm going to follow your good example and tighten up my daily routine a bit. Can't hurt!


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