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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swap Revisited

OK, I guess I didn’t think this swap through.  5 handmade in 3 months could be a bit dicey for some….so after receiving a few e mails and a comment on the quantity and time frame… anyone want to swap 1 on 1?  My thought of the 3 month had to do with spring gardening coming up for many of us and being a  major time suck free time will be limited but, it would/could be extended for 6 mo.  And the time frame is really there so I get my rear in gear and don’t forget!

It’s a good way to use up those trial quilt squares, knits that just are not your color, scraps of this and that. Canning labels you printed that you didn’t use, gift tags or soap you made, dish cloths etc.k



On Facebook there have been quite a few “Pay~it~Forward posts.  I thought of participating but thought it would be more fun to do do it here. 

I’m not sure how others are run but here is what I was thinking….

In the next 3 months I’ll send something handmade to the first 5 who post that they are interested in participating. It could be a tote bag, fingerless mitt’s, dish towels, dish cloths,


handmade soap or lotion,  seeds you’ve saved even!…just about anything I could pop in the mail without missing a mortgage payment

But here is the deal, you have to do the same for 5 others and post on your blog.   Please link back so I know you did.

As for most of us it’s the quiet time of the year with the gardens sleeping so it’s the perfect opportunity to complete projects. I’ve seen some swaps where they just go over the top in what is sent.  Lets keep it fun, affordable and simple.

What do you say…it could be really fun!

Wanna play?


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  1. Lovely idea, but I could not do five. Hope it works out for you.

  2. Deb, I switched it to 1 on 1, I did n't think of the amount and time commitment!


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