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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ice Ice Ice!

We had a minor ice storm last night.

It’s not like it wasn’t forecasted for 3-4 days and the salt trucks were out along with the cinder trucks…this morning in a 2 mile stretch on the interstate there were 22 wrecks during the morning rush hour traffic.  If the morning news shows salt trucks sliding off the road why do these folks not SLOW DOWN!!!

Nice time to have an RV show right?  Luckily Mr. Fix-It was able to delay his drive over the bridge to Louisville an hour or so.  He drives a 350 dually & generally can scoot on through.  The RV shows we have a love/hate relationship with….a hell of a lot of work and LONG hours but,  a good show can make or break the year.

I generally keep busy straightening beds,  and general clean up in the trailers.  There are always a few  who turn the kids loose to run as if they were in a playground to jump up and down on the beds & think it’s cute.  Those are the same parents that spill beer on the carpets…in front of the signs that say **no drinks allowed in trailers**  

In the quiet times I can knit.  So yesterday afternoon I cast on a scarf for myself.  By the time we closed for the evening I had just 3 inches to go



and finished it this morning.

It’s drying now and I think I’ll wear it tomorrow.

It’s so blasted cold.  That damp can’t get warm cold….(not to be confused with Mama Pea’s –0 cold)

My power bill came in and it’s up $100.00 for the past 30 days.  Yes we generally have a increase in winter but not that much.  When we built the addition we needed to blow extra insulation in the attic space (there was some but….)but time got away from us.  I know that is impacting as it’s much cooler out there.  It’s first on the gotta do list this spring. Its not like I keep the heat cranked up…generally in the 60’s and just wear a sweater.  But, I’ve also realize the little things I’ve not done this year that I have in the past.  Little things like the keeping the closet doors closed…I don’t need to heat clothes.  closing the doors to rooms not in use, draft catchers on outside doors, keeping the curtains closed in the unused rooms. DUH!  Talk about stupid tax!   It’s amazing how those little things can save a lot.

Any other tips and tricks you do?



  1. We have had such a mild winter. I would actually like to have a little snow. I hope you do have a good show and you and Mr Fix-it has no problem commuting back and forth.

  2. Forgot to say that I love your scarf. Beautiful

  3. Your scarf is gorgeous!
    We have laminate floors and our living room was always cold in the winter. I bought a bunch of cheap throw rugs and put them down, and now the room doesn't get as cold. It may look like a hodge podge on the floors with them, but it's not so frigid in here anymore.

  4. Stay safe while driving!!!! Ice storms are scary. Your scarf is gorgeous Katie! Have a wonderful Saturday.

    1. Thanks Debbie, The sun is out this morning and the roads are clear. I'll enjoy the sunshine while it lasts 8-) Thanks for your sweet comments about the scarf

  5. beautiful scarf! our windows are very drafty. you can actually see gaps so if it gets very very cold ( less than 30 in Jacksonville) we tape them with packing tape.

    1. Jullian, great idea with the tape. Some use the window film....but can't stand not being able to open the window.

  6. Katie,

    We use caulking around the windows to help stop drafts with windows, I place these long socks full of fill around the base of doors, I have thick drapes over doors extended beyond the door to also help with drafts. There is only so much we can do because we don't own this house. Have you thought about maybe investing in a wood stove?

    I love RV shows! I understand your frustrations dealing with parents who don't control their children and people who refuse to follow rules.
    We go to see changes in RV's and window shop for our future RV.

    Have fun with the shows and stay warm!

    1. Sandy, great idea with the drapes over the doors. We do have a woodstove in the basement. This time of year we are never home to keep it going. Out till 10 pm & neither of us want to stay up longer to get it going & set the flue.


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