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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Was I supposed to be Cleaning up?


not much is getting done in the studio/workroom cleanup wise but, I’m having fun sewing!


I had a bunch of strips and scraps left over from the doll skirts. I couldn’t throw them out…

They were to bright and cheerful!

I didn’t have enough to make it very big 17 X 20 but it will make a nice doll quilt.


With the strip sizes I was using it ended up a little wonky so I‘m not sure I’ll list it in the Etsy shop but Evie may like it.

Maybe, What do you think?

Finishing the quilting portion now

What did you work on today?



  1. It is adorable...so spring like. Nothing done for me today but reading, reading, reading! :0)

    1. Thanks Debbie, Glad to hear you are relaxing, I think we all need to take a down day once in a while to recharge the internal batteries

  2. I think that will make a wonderful little doll quilt for a special little girl.

    What did I do today? Went back and forth to the woodshed and filled the wood box on the porch to overflowing so we wouldn't have to bring any wood in for the next two days. Spent a lot of time on the computer trying to get back into the groove of leaving comments on favorite blogs. Caved and made a double batch of Caramel Corn even though I said I wasn't going to make any this year. Played a wild couple of games of ping pong with my hubby. (It always amazes me the exercise that can be . . . we both got sweaty even though it was cool in the garage where the table is set up.) Just took a shower and have my jammies on even though it's only 7 o'clock. Gonna go sit and knit now while listening to an audio tape.

  3. MP After hauling wood and pingpong it would be jammie time for me too. Sometimes it's nice to call it a day early in the evening. Enjoy the tape

  4. Thats cute Kati I like little blankets and stuff.I still haven't done Orions blanket made of denium yet lol.

  5. Oh I also wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! forgot as usual.I got the wheel but the hamster is still missing! lol


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