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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday Activities

Debbie’s Sunday Activity Tag

This morning I was tagged by Debbie over at Our Old Homestead for a "Sunday's Activity Tag". She wanted to know what I did to pass my time on Sunday.

I woke to a steady downpour of rain which turned into nearly 3 inches by the end of the day


& spent a bit of time with a coffee cup and reading e mail

Some of the activities are more of a royal we as my arm wont tolerate a lot of activity yet

We’ve been working on cleaning out and rearranging the basement & worked on that a bit more.  It’s a bit overwhelming down there with 25 years accumulation of “someday we may use that” I’ve been taking chunks of time a week to work on it but Mr. Fix~It’s input was needed.  So a bunch of junk was sorted out & the “hall way” was rearranged. A new light was hung over shelves helves he built to help organize some of the excess yarn.IMG_1872 

O HAPPY DAY!  I can access the fabric room now! 

I found my bins of Christmas fabric!


Last spring I’d sorted and stored it in a bin….and lost it down there.  Yes it’s that bad.  We were nearly at hoarder level.

No more, we have a dumpster load sorted to haul out on trash day.  When it’s gone I’ll have room to sort out this mess


Supper was leftover pork roast chunks pulled from the freezer.  Cooked down to a thick meaty gravy and served over rice with a side of the corn from the freezer we processed this summer.

In the evening while Mr. Fix It enjoyed his well earned rest,  I did the dishes & knit for a bit.

I was able to finish a doll romper for a customer


and knit up a few dish cloths


All in all a very productive day!

Thanks Debbie for inviting me to play!



  1. Sometimes our "messes" are such a pain to tackle (and so easy to put off!) but don't cha feel soooo good when you finally dive in and get them organized? (Now somebody needs to MAKE me attack my closet. Please?!)

    1. Oh Mama,you have no idea how good it feels to SEE progress not just sorting to more piles. We/I , have a ways to sorting the fabrics but there is a light at the end of the tunnel now. Itwon't happen overnight but it will happpen....now go get that closet woman! (but being the miss organization you are I doubt your closet is to bad!)

  2. Thanks so much for playing along Katie and it sounds like you had a lot more fun than I did....at least way more productive!!! LOL Isn't it fun when you find things you have been looking for?

    Have a great Monday! :0)

    1. Thak you for the invite! I enjoye playing along. Toda is more knitting and sorting/straightening my closet

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I love your knits. How do you find the time?
    From Glory Farm,

    1. Rhonda, its what I do now. I uit my job a few years ago when I'd had enough of the ratrace and was doing pretty well with selling my knits. Stying home has saved us thousands now tht i'm back home doing for us

  4. You got more accomplished in one Sunday than I could in 10! The doll romper is really cute and the dish cloths look so bright and sun shiney. You must have been very satisfied when you tumbled into bed that night :-)


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