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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wedding dress shopping

We’ve been dress shopping with my daughter Danielle.  Keep in mind she’s 5’10 and has been dreading this part of the wedding planning knowing finding a dress wouldn’t be easy.  It should be fun for her but wedding dress’ are designed for women 5’5-5’7.  The waist hits her at the ribcage.  It’s hard to even visualize what the style would look like altered. Not that we haven’t had a bit of fun with it…Erika, our “Bonus Daughter” Katie  have  brought Danielle some hideous dresses to try “just because”.

And why do designers think every bride wants to look like a fru fru ruffled 6 foot round puffy skirt Barbie? 

Seriously the dresses we’ve seen all look like

a.  you belong on a sugar crusted cupcake,

new-vera-wang-wedding-dresses-spring-2012Doesn’t she look happy?

b. you stole the crown jewels and they’ve all been sewn on the bust and/or waist line,

Pnina Tornai Strapless Mermaid Wedding Dress with Dropped Waist in Tulle. Bridal Gown Style Number:32023137

c. “Art” dresses that looks as if they were made by crack addicts with scraps from the cutting room floor (seriously the entire  cupcake skirt was covered with these funky swirls of raw edged fraying fabric!)

Pnina Tornai Asymmetric Princess/Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Natural Waist in Organza. Bridal Gown Style Number:32023152

d. dresses with real cup sizes.  There are many other letters past “C” and, not every bride is an emaciated model! 

e.  Sideways ruffles and pleats.  Please there are are women with actual hips!

I tell you in every every shop we would tell them cup sizes and they would smile and say “sure you are” .  Then she tried on the dresses….and would the girls come out to play! 

Her frustration factor is growing.

Come on designers, she wants a simple elegant dress she won’t fall out of….

Is that to much to ask?


  1. I don't think I even went into bridal shops and tried a single dress on! I took some ideas from photos of dresses I liked and designed my own and got a dressmaker to make it, she did a great job and made all my bridesmaids dresses from a photo. :D

  2. Oh, I so feel for here - I'm 5'10" too and I HATE to shop for clothes!! In fact, I like that the mountaintop lets me get away with mens cloths - they fit much better, but that doesn't help with a wedding dress.....wish her the best of luck for me....and I do like the idea of having one made!!!

  3. Sue, I used to sew bridal wear! But, there is not enough time to order fabric's and make a proto type at this point nor are any of the seamstress we would use open. She has found one she says will work **Sigh**

  4. Mystic, She's generally in sweats and t shirts as she works in a boys home...finding clothing has always been hard. I'm 5'9 and never find shirts long enough in the torso...and sleeve length? Forgetaboutit!


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