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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finishing Friday…The Hurrier I go

The behinder I get. 

Trying to finish all my projects before weeks end has left me with more work to do or redo.

I was able to get all of the strips sewn, pressed and cut to size for the bumper pad

Bumper WIP & String flop 002

I thought whooowheee, I’m on a roll.  I grabbed up the solid for the back and started cutting and was done in a flash

I matched the backing to the front and started to sew…I was going to have that sucker done by the time Erika came to pick up Evie

And then, I realized I’d cut half of the backing panels an inch short.

Bumper WIP & String flop 003

90 inches in width 1 stinkin inch short.  I wanted to have a hissy fit but I would have been the only one at the pity party  .  What’s the rule?  Measure twice cut once?

I can salvage it, I have enough of the lighter purple to use & have decided to alternate the shades on the back….it may turn out cuter than I’d originally planned.

.My second behinder fail was these string globes, (I’ve another hanging in the laundry room)

I scanned through the directions, balloons, string/yarn, glue.  I read all the comments on 3-4 blogs to find all the snags others ran into...well, it would have been nice if I’d read the basic directions! 

Bumper WIP & String flop 004

It was nice and firm, glue was great, dried nice..I popped the balloon and realized one important step…I forgot to put vaseline on the balloon first!

Bumper WIP & String flop 006

I think it’s fixable but, it would be just as much work as making another GAH!!

So, I walked away from that and decided to finish a knitting project third time a charm right?

  A pair of custom “Bella Mitts”

I’ve made a few pair, knew the pattern well by now and needed to finish them for the confidence boost.  20 rows, & the thumb is all I had to finish them off.  15 minutes later I slipped my hand inside feeling pretty good……and forgot

I needed to add one additional cable repeat (because I was using worsted weight weight instead of bulky which give a different gauge) I’d even made notes as a reminder on the pattern GAH!!!!!!!!

Bella Mitts 001

ripped out & ready to add the extra repeat

So, I had a glass of wine and let Larry take me out for supper, there was no way I was going near a stove!

So how was your “Finishing Friday”?



  1. I am not laughing......no I'm not...really I'm not! Well maybe just a little! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who had days like that! ♥

  2. Now Sue, I know YOU would never laugh (too hard) at my failings!
    I think I'm holding off till monday to start again!

  3. So funny! Good idea to stay away from the stove! A large glass of wine sounds totally called for x

  4. Hey Freerange nice to see you. No way I was cooking. Trying to finish things up today

  5. Hi Katie I nominated you for an award. Hope you like it. Feel free to pass it on...or not ♥ http://jsmwebber.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/two-awards-and-tag.html


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