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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I got nothin

Nothing exciting to report that is.

Bits of randomness….

It’s been a weird week where you just kinda float through it.  Nothings wrong just having a hard time focusing on anything specific.

Made the girls some crib sheets,  still have the bumper pad to finish. It’s still sitting on the dining room table in a cluttered mess along with another t-shirt I need to make into a skirt for Evie.

On the de-crapifying side I did drop off 3 large bags to good will, & have quite a bit I need to list on free-cycle.

Evie’s had touch that flu virus along with a minor sinus infection that brings the cough,sore throat, wonderful attitude & no appetite which is saying a lot for a super picky eater. Lots of fluids to flush it out along with long cuddles have been the RX for the week. How one little nose can hold so much  “stuff” just amazes me.

I did get a little knitting done.  One of my long time customers is having her baby in the next week so I have this set ready to mail,  Super girly and just plain fun to knit. 

I need to get my seeds started for the garden but I’ve got to find a better area in the house to start them.  I sure don’t want last years fiasco of molded seeds. 

I’ve to many projects in the works laying around that need finished & cleaned up…again

Here’s hoping next week brings some focus.

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  1. Dust your plants with cinnamon (Costco has some that's fairly inexpensive) and don't water them as much. :) Bonus if you can mix up your own seed starting mix - I've had weird things happen with store bought potting soil and store bought seed starting mix (so I make my own from perlite, peat moss or cocoa fiber, and composts).


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