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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Make Over

Thrift shopping yesterday you  may remember I picked up this girls sundress…obviously way to big for Evie. But we liked the colors & the fabric was in fantastic condition726

I removed the bodice leaving about an inch,735

to fold over & create an elastic casing.


Erika and I were laughing because she was using Isaiah’s race car control as a walkie talkie to “call her plane to pick her up”  have no idea where she got that one!

Perfect fit for a size 3/4.  I left all the fullness in the skirt & she was twirling right away.

It took about 30 minutes from start to finish.  Would have been much quicker but I now have a “helper”  Evie is the official family “pin puller”.  As she removed each pin she would say “careful, careful, gently, gently…She loves to stand at my side while I sew and is starting to understand the process of “what comes next”.

I think I’ll have a sewing buddy soon as she is now asking “where’s mine sewing machine”

Last week we made reversible tunics. ”


One for her and one for “Baby Alix,

Prints for St Patrick’s Day on one side and Valentines on another


Evie slipped hers on as soon as they were done, Erika’s had to hide them to save for Valentine’s  I love this style for little girls, tunics in winter when an extra layer is nice and as a sun top with shorts or bloomers in the summer. 

It looks like winter may actually be coming to our part of the world as snow is in the forecast!

Timer is going off which means the Bread is ready to come out of the oven & I need to actually do something productive today.

Have a good one and stay warm out there!



  1. How lovely the skirt looks! Those tunics are pretty cool too :D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Your daughter is a-dorable. "Careful.. Gentle.." Love it. She's lucky to have you teach her too.

    I have my grandma's sewing machine that is currently collecting dust. I need to take a class or something. It intimidates me so!

    Great job!

    Carolyn @ The Mobile-Homemaker

  4. Thanks Carollyn, She's actually my granddaughter and yes, she is a doll!
    U tube basic sewing ideas, pillowsor adding a skirt to your daughters onsies.. etc & if you don't have the book to your machine you can google the make and model. Most manufacturer's have the books on line to download. Have fun with it!

  5. Oh my gosh, I love the little tunics! I've actually been trying to find a pattern for years or find someone who can make an apron like that for me (aka, not little girl sized) that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. My 3yo daughter's also gotten into the bug of needing to wear an apron every time she steps into the kitchen, it's amusing.


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