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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday’s Thrifty finds


After running a few errands to today Evie & I stopped into our local thrift store.

I think Evie is going to be a another sewing nut.  I’d seen the fabric in this sundress and was making plans in my head for it when Evie spotted it and shouted ”a Skirt Grandma a SKIRT FOR ME!!

I had already been planning to cut the top off and have a ruffled skirt for her & I think there may be enough left in the bodice for a skirt for Alix.

After looking closely I don’t think it was worn and washed but once.  Not bad for 80 cents!

 Camera dump 6 feb 070

Evie’s no different most other 3yr old little girls,  & holds the firm  belief the color pink was created solely for her.

So, in Evies little world, in her mind anything pink is or should be hers.

Do you have any idea how many “pink” items there are in a thrift store?

I found this pink t-shirt still with tags that will soon become another skirt for her


Camera dump 6 feb 071


At the check out I found a new Easter tablecloth, it’s 50X70  & perfect for the kitchen table.  It was marked $3.50 with an additional 50% off. SCORE!

Since I already have a nice one I think it may become an apron and napkins….bread wrapper & dish towels, who knows!

Camera dump 6 feb 069

Now to carve out the time to get it all sewn up.

What good thrifting deals have you found lately?


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  1. I never knew how much fun it was to find so many bargains in charity shops! I am now a convert and in fact am off out today with my partner in crime for our weekly Suesday! Great finds.


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